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Parent of a 12 year old Written byBark335 May 19, 2010

Explicit on Sex

Sat down with my 12 year old to watch episode - older sister was doing a cheer routine about not wearing panties. reference later to sex with a hung over cheerleader. Hmm.
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Too much sex
Parent Written byMrCrocodile April 29, 2013

There Isn't Much For Me To Say

But I like it. I know it's not much but it's mine and one of my friends' favorite sitcoms. It's more for teens than Tweens as the page says. I always remember the last episode as it was probably one of the sweetest endings to a sitcom I've seen.
Parent Written bySalebxy January 25, 2013

Has anybody here ever heard of the Luna Games? They're basically a series of creepypasta/screamer pony games. So I'm trying to put up a compilation of reaction videos/audios. If anyone (brony or not) wants to give it a go and record their reactions, give me a link. Click these links to access the Luna Games. Be warned, they're creepy. Luna Game 0 Luna Game 1 Luna Game 2 Luna Game 3 Luna Game 4 Luna Game 5

I think that you must not have read it carefully. I mean, I can read EXTREMELY fast, but I always skip words if I do that and miss the awesomeness of the writing. Which is why I'm waiting to read this until I have more time. I read all of the awesomeness of Animal Farm, Harry Potter, and the Magic Bath. There's no way you could have in such a short amount of time... Besides, you have to read stuff multiple times to catch all the awesomeness. true. I'll reread it tommorwo.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byNEVER SIGN UP F... October 28, 2010
The Amanda Show is pretty bad, shouldn't have been TV-Y7. every time i have parental controls, Parental Controls Won't Let Me What This Show. Once...Mom lets me watch it. I don't recommend What I Like About You. I would give it 0 stars.
Adult Written byNYmom March 27, 2009

cute for about 14 & up, moms too!

ABC Family changed their afterschool lineup & now my 13 y/o watches this every day. At first I was worried since the characters are mostly about 18-25 yrs old and the content obviously relates to life at that age. I thought it would be similar to Friends, which I won't let her watch due to a more mature theme (hooking up, sexuality, innuendo). But the writers keep it pretty safe for teens 14 and over, considering what they start learning at school. The actresses truly are funny, with good timing & physically funny behavior! I'm usually in ear-shot and we talk about the few themes that come up, or about how their skirts are sometimes too short, and we talk about the importance of modesty in the real world. Overall, its very entertaining and I'm 35, mom of 3. Few shows make me laugh out loud anymore, but this one does!