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Great dark humor and horror in worthy movie follow-up.
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Kid, 12 years old April 4, 2021

Super funny and entertaining!

This show is great for when you want to laugh. I think it's okay for kids 12 and up, but if you're not sure, talk to your kid. There are some sexual references that may be awkward if you are watching with your family, however, they are usually quick and easy to overlook. There is some swearing and strong language, but overall this show is great!
Kid, 11 years old August 6, 2020
I love this show, and the movie! I think it really depends on the age rating though, it's violent...But it's funny violent. If you're really, really worried about the violence then skip to the second season because by then they've already established the main characters are vampires. The sex stuff isn't that bad either because it's all blurred and there's not too much of it.
Violence or no violence, sex or no sex this is a great show and it will make you laugh out loud until you have to turn the TV off.

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Teen, 16 years old Written bydogicat June 18, 2020
This tv show is about vampires, who live in the modern world. It is interesting to look at them,sometimes I think that these are my grandparents. The plot is focused on one yes-man who does all the tasks for them. He has a dream, he wants to be a vampire too. Actually his dream is 50% complete (no spoilers, I think that more information about this character will be unnecessary). The biggest plus is sense of humor of all characters. I think I gave you too much informartion about the partoganist,okey, let's move on to other characters:Nadya ,Gregor, Kolin Robenson and Lazlo. Nadya,Lazlo's wife, is such a charasmatic person. Gregor is a total creep, but I understand him,it is his job(you will know why ,if you watch this show). Kolin Robinson is the most mysterious person in this show , he is like a total victim,everybody bullies him because he takes their energy unintentionally. And the last one - Lazlo. He is simple and kind vampire:)

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Positive Messages
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Teen, 17 years old Written byzoeyjw June 4, 2020

Lots of fun!

This show has amazing humor and overall is fantastic television. It has references to sex and innuendos throughout, but nothing a kid 12+ hasn't heard before. There is some violence, but I wouldn't say its very extreme. I definitely think this is suitable for any teenager to watch.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 14 years old Written byCrankyviewings April 23, 2020

Luv it.

I love this show. It's wonderful. Truly. I would say an appropriate age to watch this is 14 and up. It's fine for younger viewers as well, based on their maturity level. There's nothing very graphic in the series so far, and I've seen all the episodes to date (April 23, 2020). Violence is minimal, usually brief, and not very graphic. Most graphic taking place in what I believe is season 1, in which someone is eaten by a vampire. Nothing much is shown, other than a spray of blood. This show is somewhat sexual. Nothing extremely graphic, but there's much talk of sexual activities. They hold an orgy, there's some sex (blurred out), and one scene showing a man masturbating, however he is under the covers so nothing is shown. The most graphic of scenes being in a garden that has bushes cut to look like genitalia. This is not blurred out and somewhat graphic. There is also much talk of virgins, but not in a sexual context. Virgins are what vampires like to eat. Language is moderate. So, to sum up, there is quite a bit of violence and sex--however most of it is very brief and generally not graphic--and some swearing here and there, but nothing too severe. I really love this show and I do believe it is best suited for an audience at least 14 years of age.