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Garbage t.v.

Forced scenarios to create drama, a lot of arguing, some iffy situations. Would not recommend for kids.
age 13+

Me and Chloe MCINTYRE are in disgust

After watching 'wife swap', it had come to our attention that this programme provokes child torcher in order to entertain the public. This child torcher consisted of a southern USA boy having his bacon taken off him which ultimately left him in a depressed state which in my opinion is the root of society's evil.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 17+

Okay, Who Let The Cameras in THIS House?

Yes, I like this show, primarily for the fact that families come away better and more appreciative of other for the experience. It's also very interesting to see what two lifestyles will clash on each episode. However, this show is very much adults-only, and sometimes, I even skip the middle. The journey to redemption is rocky, with a lot of fighting and crying and some considerable language (some bleeped, some not). Many Judeo-Christian families may in fact not choose to watch this at all, and I don't blame them; I may eventually take it off my personal schedule. Some of these families are rampant consumerists, obsessed with wealth, or so into one thing that their kids get neglected (for example, monster-hunting, music, Halloween, doll-collecting and treating the dolls like real kids). Freedom = laziness for a lot of these families, too. But what breaks my heart are the appearances of authoritarian families. These are the families that work their kids, literally, from sunup to dark, over-schedule them, may smack them around, and don't care what they think. Some of the men act like this toward their wives, indulging in the "barefoot and pregnant" mentality to its extreme. In fact, "extreme" is the watchword here. I get the feeling some episodes are played for straight drama, especially where Christians are concerned (almost the only Christ-followers are fundamentalist stereotypes who are negatively contrasted with punk rockers or nature worshippers). But it's also doing people a disservice to put any lifestyle on display for the sole purpose of ridicule, which is often what happens. Adults can watch for the discussion fodder, of which there is plenty. But many may end up closing this bedroom door.

This title has:

Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
age 13+

Don't Waste your Time

Wife Swap is a funny, slightly trashy guilty pleasure. There is not a lot of great stuff in these shows, except for the rare one or two episodes where the families really learn something from each other. Most often, though, the swap dissolves into a shouting, drama-filled, tense mess. There is yelling, swearing, trashy and immature behaviour in most episodes (that's where the money is made, of course). It is, however, interesting to see people from different backgrounds live together and teach each other about their views and habits.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
not rated for age

10 and up, not 5 and up... parents read--

Okay, this is not appropiate for 5 yearolds! Eight and up! But if you let your child see this, and he/she is under 8, dont worry, they most likely dont know the word "bi-ch", so you dont have to worry. People have sexual relationships in this show. Language: "bitch" "ass" "crap" "damn" and many others. Violence- people hit and throw things. Social behavior is bad. It teaches kids under eight to get angry with their perents. Now cut the content talk. This show is also good, because this helps perents learn about their kids and how to help them. I suggest this show to anyone over eight. My son is 10 and we both love watching it together because it is funny and a great show. There are no brand names shown. And this is one of my favorite reality shows I ever watch with my son. Kids his age should understand and have the thought to respect their parents for what they're like. That is what the message is (to me). The ending part, the part where the parents talk and fight is the neat part, because that is when something comes out of it, new parenting styles are learned. This show is great and informational to parents. Remember: Eight and up...
not rated for age
I like this show, but don't allow my son to watch because first of all it doesn't hold his interest (he's 8) and second of all the show often shows language and behaviors I don't want him to model. If you do let your children I would suggest watching it together and talking about the things that you find acceptable and unacceptable with your kids.
not rated for age

Worth watching together

We watch this show with our 14- and 17- year old kids. They are very interested to see how other people live, and how other parents raise their children. The "bad behavior" is evident and our kids get to see people deal with challenges to their lifestyles, parenting choices, and sometimes selfish obsessions. They have learned a lot about what makes families healthy (or unhealthy) and have a better appreciation for the rules we have and the sane way we live as a result. This show is better than a human behavior class.