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This Show Should Revisit Its Purpose - If One Can Say It Has A Purpose At All

I think this person needs to scale back his act. If he's so allergic to snake bites, why is he handling them without protection! One show had him in a cage in Vegas!!! Come on!!! What will you all do next to boost this loser-rated show's points? It's violent, uninformative and suggests that anyone can run around the globe molesting animals for the the 'sake' of 'science'. What are his credentials? Even if he is trained, he's NO Marlin Perkins. They respected the animals they encountered. This guy seems to get off on the level of danger involved and it's not fun to watch. It squarely places him in the role of aggressor when he digs up and unearths animals who are seeking to have nothing to do with him. Bad form, Animal Planet. Bad form!