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I love watching the food channel but the worst cooks in America is a spoof on incompetence and ignorance and I think they have brought on whacked out contestant which just intensifies the previous. Show needs to be dropped. It brings the network down
age 18+

Stop Wasting Food!

Seriously? During a pandemic, in a country where people were starving before COVD, this series is Seriously wasting food? Who wants to see buffoons in the kitchen? We need to learn how to cook, not how not to cook! What a f'ing waste! No one wants to see some white shark fin screaming at idiots.

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Too much consumerism
age 18+

Once it was great, know not so much!

Our family was watching the newest episode. There was two transgender on the show. Okay, I can deal with that but when one took his shirt off, we turned it off. That is not acceptable for a family TV show.
age 5+
What a waste of food. I don't watch Foodnetwork, the network is about wasting food. Use your contestants to see who can actually work in the fields picking produces. So viewers can see all aspects of how food is pick, prepared, canned, and delivered . Ask workers how hard they have to work to put food on our tables.
age 2+

The cooking isn't the best, But it's an OK show overall

age 13+

Why I love Worst Cooks I'm America.

It's the most fun watching this show. AND I can learn a lot! Chef Anne Burell is fantastic, as is Rachel Ray. They both really seem genuine and want to help these people!!

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Great messages
Great role models
age 9+

love it!

i love this show!! you know why i like it? well there is two reasons. one: i like her hair. two: i am a really, really terrible cook. my husband does all the cooking. :)

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Too much swearing