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Yuckity Yuck...

The animations is ugly, the characters are unfunny and annoying, the plot is bizarre. The animation makes me puke in my mouth. Also, the voice acting sounds like they're not even trying.
age 7+


Yakkity Yak is a very poor cartoon. The animation is crappy, the characters are dull and unfunny, the voice acting is terrible, and the theme song is annoying.
age 7+

This cartoon is a crapfest!

I can't believe 2 people are defending this show. It is really stupid with gross animation. I so agree with CSM this time. What do you get when you mix childish humor with bizzare animation? Yeah, that's right. A simply stupid show. The acting on Yakkity Yak is so annoying, I would even call it acting. Also, the plot is just pointless. A talking yak and a talking pineapple along with other stupid characters? Yeah, how original (sarcasum). 1 star for sure.
age 5+

The Truth about a Great Show

First off, the previous review (the websites review) was obviously written by one who sees and hears only what they want to. The above review is based purely o incorrect data and misguided attempts at lying to you all. I grew up watching the show and his grandmother wasn't abusive or a poor role model but an actual parent who cared for, and often taught lessons about life, to Yakkity. To refer to the characters as ugly is a gross negligence to simple variation. Would you call Elmo ugly simply because he does not look like us. The characters do not spend their time yelling at each other except on rare occasion where it is either called for or hard to avoid. The violence i remember is minimal and almost nonexistent, and the most graphic scene i can remember is when a teddy bear gets torn. Yakkity does not try to achieve thing in the dumbest way possible , but is merely a bit of a fool. The day is almost always saved (if you count a grounding as not saving the day) and lessons are always learned. The story is your basic reality show cartoon where we follow the story of Yakkity and his friends. To say the comment in the other review shows negligence to even watch a show before dressing it down. Cheating is not a regular part in the show regardless of the previous review and when it does happen, the consequences always appear. As opposed to the last comment in the a fore mentioned review, If you think that you should not be allowed to befriend a different person then you obviously feel that cartoons should teach racism. There is no reason why they cant be friends. I grew up watching this show. I not only received history lessons, life lessons, and basic common sense from this show, but without I would not have been encouraged to press on like Yakkity did when he caught a criminal or did the other good deeds he performed. In short, I think all kids should watch this show.

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