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Adult Written byVohaul April 13, 2020

An awesome spinoff to one of the greatest shows of all time

Ever since its debut Young Sheldon has been a charming spinoff to The Big Bang Theory, acting as a prequel of sorts. The eighties setting is really emphasized with tons of pop culture references. Like BBT, the humor is directed toward teens and up.
Adult Written byAntman12 August 28, 2019

Edgy jokes,yet still very funny and relatable.

The shows premise is around Sheldon (also in the Big Bang Theory) as the show puts,Sheldon is the smartest kid in the world.
I will list every episode episodes of season 1, and explain how iffy it really is.

In the first minute , a dinner scene happens,as in every dinner scene in the show, this one includes mild language.Including the young daughter.

The church scene includes talk about balls,tescicles,and puperty.

In the next scene a kid confuses harass with her a--.

The mother argues with the father, mild language.

Their mother goes investigate Georgie's room. The sister remarks, "She's going to find your dirty magazines ."

The high school includes a teenagers smoking ,a pregnant teenager,and a see through dress.

The football scene has some fighting, and the father says the a word.

In the next scene the father is seen drinking.

This episode introduced Sheldon , and how the world is his antagonist.It's nobody in particular who frightens him,just the world.In this episode they combined comedy with the expositon.This episode had a character arc, not through a subplot,like Elementary.

Rockets,Communists,and the Dewey Decimal System

This episode looks into Sheldon's social life.Her mother wants Sheldon to have many friends (sorta like Mary to Jesus).

Around.The sixth minute Sheldon is in bathroom stall (on oh legs shown)he unwillingly complements two teenagers smoking in the bathroom.

Trying to start a conversation with teenagers,Sheldon asks a group of teenagers of they did some missing with girls.

A woman says she gave a man her innocence,Sheldon says he does not know what that means.So does another teacher talk a bout losing his innocence.

This episode was a good allegory,this episode has no arc ,yet this was another episode setting up his character.Just as good as the first episode.

Poker,Faith,and Eggs

Memaw comments on pink wine.

Meemaw is seen with a cigar in her hand.

Meemaw says son of a b----.

Meemaw is introduced this episode.She is very cliche. Though the car scene was good.

A Therapist,a Comic Book,and a Breakfast Sausage

Almost every episode deals with his many phobias including this one.

Meemaw says "Was might want go have a piece of Meemaw for dessert." The mother says that there are kids in the table.Meemaw asks the kids if they knew she was talking about sex.They respond no.

A girl asks Meemaw if she is going to have more babies.She says no.

Meemaw says as=.
This episode was a good parody of comic books,a very decent episode.

This episode focusses on fame, and how no scientist wants it,and betting.

In the beginning goddammit is said.

Also damn.

Sheldon was pushed to a cheerleaders breasts.

Dad drinks more beer.

What the hell is said.

Rat bastard said.

You can understand most of Sheldon's descisians in this episode.Meemaw,Dad,and Tam are annoying in this episode.They are also annoying for Sheldon.

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent Written byWendy B. August 12, 2018

It is rated PG, but should be TV-14

Some of the episodes have been cute, but others just made me shudder. I know Sheldon is supposed to be smart and precocious, but he his behavior is really quite rude at times. My 11 year old was watching this PG rated show and I really think it needs a TV-14 rating. The last few episodes were about Sheldon not wanting his grandmother to date a certain man and to date another one. There was continual discussion of "coitus" (his words) throughout. Obviously, different families have different boundaries, but I thought this was way too much for a PG show.

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Adult Written bycharlotte s. April 10, 2018
Adult Written byIzzad S. November 18, 2017

Absolutely fine!

Young sheldon is about a child prodigie that has a difficult life. Contain swearing.
Our children's age is not always the same as their mental age

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Adult Written bychrisman28 September 26, 2017

sorry but i liked it

I noticed someone complaining and whining about the sister on this show I thought she was histarical and adorable yes she cursed and was rude but sorry folks that's realistic and the rest of the family is realistic too I thought the shows had some funny moments myself and I really enjoyed it

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Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bySydney1234 March 21, 2021

7 and up

My 8 year old is really tall and she thinks she’s a adult so she wanted to watch more like pg 13 or pg 14

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Adult Written byRahul C R February 7, 2021
Adult Written byagentme February 3, 2021

A perfect half hour each week

I truly love this show. I rarely watched The Big Bang Theory, but I feel this show has a life of its own without it being merely a "prequel". Sheldon's character comes through with all his pros and cons. Many of us have been similar know-it-alls at his age, and who out there hasn't exhibited selfishness to some degree. What I love about this show are the realization moments that will make Sheldon a better adult. (A good reason why I don't compare him to 'Old' Sheldon). I pretty much tear up when Sheldon suppresses his own atheistic views to explain to his Christian mom that a universe that operates with such precision could only have been created by a master hand. In another episode he learns to take the focus off himself as he deals with a school friend whose parents are going through a divorce. The episodes with these personal growth moments are my favorites.

And yet, there are lots of laughs as well! Ian Armitage cracks me up just by appearing on screen. Missy's deadpan, Georgie's get-rich-quick schemes, and Meemaw's sarcasm round out a cast of perfect characters. And I gotta say, Zoe Perry (playing Sheldon's mom) is exceptional and, for me, is in the most memorable scenes.
The comedy and drama together puts Y.S. is a class with The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Roseann, and Friends.

Added bonus: No obnoxious laugh track or studio audience laughter, a rarity in sitcoms.

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Adult Written byalberreviery January 5, 2021

A very decent show for young gentlemen.

Young Sheldon is a good show for families to cooperate in activites more, like discovering supernatural displays, but one character can disadvantage the boy of doing what he wants/needs to do, followed by a video when the parents compare Sheldon's intelligence with her sister (who can be a jerk at times), Missy. I would recommend this to families or boys who want to be polite.

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Adult Written byEpicReviews August 31, 2020
Adult Written byJoshuaD66 August 14, 2020

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Adult Written byLemie5050 February 7, 2020


It’s been a big improvement to see Craig T Nelson as Annie Potts Boyfriend, I hope you keep him in there

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Adult Written bycollinsaddress January 23, 2020

Horrible show

If I could give this show zero or negative stars, I would. Just horrible.

The what families should know doesn't include very important information like 'it sucks' based on entertainment value and realistic life. Just horrible

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Adult Written byJrjill December 20, 2019

Great Show

My 11 year old is looking for something a little more grown up than Nickleondon. I watch the show first to make sure it is appropriate. So far all have been this season. He loves it.
Parent Written byChanoch L. July 5, 2019

Chanoch L

horrible too much stuff for older kids

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Parent of a 5 and 8-year-old Written byKieranu January 23, 2019

Good family show

Unless you're super conservative this is fun for the whole family particularly if you have an intelligent and/or cheeky kid

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Adult Written bymilocal November 14, 2018

I love this show!!!

I have been watching Big Bang Theory since I was 3. I was always wondering what he was like as a child because he was awesome. Then I say Young Sheldon and I was so excited. This show is funny and amazing.

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Adult Written bySnow W. January 14, 2018

Young Sheldon

I watched Young Sheldon and found it very prejudice towards christianity. I wonder if others were also offended. I would never disrepect others like this. I dont think we should encourage our children to make fun of anyone because of thier religion.