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Zorro: The Chronicles

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age 5+

Overall Great

Amazing. The graphics are alright. A bit rubbery, but very expressive. The character designs are all unique and interesting. The music is catchy and fun. In terms of the fight scenes, they are really well done, and not graphic at all, at most, a character will bump into wall and fall asleep. I the humor is mostly slapstick, but there are also many other smart and witty lines. In addition. The premise is really smart. It is nothing like the movies, in a good way. I would also like to add that the character personalities are unwavering and consistent within the entire series. I first found it when I was 8, and I loved it. I am 14 now, and sometimes put it on for the nostalgia. It has aged unite well in my opinion and it’s a shame that they stopped making more episodes. In conclusion, it is an amazing series that would be perfect for a kid who likes an action packed and witty show.