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Parent of an infant year old Written bycynthia luv terron April 8, 2009
age 17+

I Laughed

I Laugh when i seen my baby daddy playing with our one mouth old baby girl. Her name is Da'Shay Talia Henry she wuz born on Feburary the 20,2009, and we luv our child with all our heart.
Parent of a 17 year old Written byspokanekyne October 27, 2010
age 17+
i don't hate bebo, i love it so please log me in so i could reply back to my friend
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Parent of a 14 year old Written bylilboosie josh August 24, 2010
Parent of a 17 year old Written byshantay baby April 21, 2010
age 17+
hey please unblock bebo please.
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Parent of a 6, 8, 9, 12, and 15 year old Written by365 November 2, 2009
age 13+

Very iffy

While Bebo is great in enabling people to stay in contact with friends and family members, parents need to be actively supervising their child's use of it. Parents should first be aware that though one must be 13 to have a homepage, all that is required is a birthdate, meaning that children younger then 13 are easily able to sign up by simply lying about the year they were born in. Parents should also be aware of things such as the Daily Babe application, in which the person who has added the application is sent a photograph of a young woman who they then rate according to looks. Most of the photographs are rather pornographic, meaning your 13 year old can now quite easily access porn daily. Users are also able to put "stickers" on their homepage, which are pictures of often quite sexual and/or violent content. And Bebo is a prime location for cyber bullying. It's a great social networking site, and can be heaps of fun for teenagers, it just needs a lot of parental guidance.
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Safety and privacy concerns
Adult Written bymikesmith134 March 31, 2009
age 10+

i cried

it was fn
Adult Written byelmo18 March 4, 2009
Parent of an infant year old Written byjuaddew February 2, 2009
Adult Written bykrazystunnah December 9, 2008
age 2+

pretty awesome

because its awesome!