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Parent Written bygoodmother April 30, 2014

my daughter is alone in Chicago with just $55 for the next 4 to 5 days

I was already fed up with the $100 limit and $3 service charge but now I am gone from this program. My daughter's monthly allowance (drawn from my checking account) is "in process." I found out the hard way that that means you can't add ANY MONEY in because they count it as already posted to the account. This is scary. Not happy. No way to override "the system." Personally -unacceptable to leave a teenager in the lurch.
Parent Written byDemarest30 October 23, 2011

Good idea gone wrong!

I too loved the concept behind this company and its website but needed to cancel my main card that it drawled from. That's when I realized that the website won't let you change anything. I couldn't change bank account, addresses or cancel the card itself or better yet the actual account. Also there isn't a email address under contact us that will get you to a customer service person. Now I just feel trapped. Parents be careful...I still haven't been able to close this account. I have found a better way threw our chase bank for my 15 yr old son.
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Parent of a 13 year old Written bywhattheworldneedsnow August 15, 2012


Signed up for this card for my son when he was going on a trip to DC. Had an issue right of the bat with them that I dismissed. However, just recently they said they had to issue new "upgraded" cards and that the existing card would only be valid for 30 days. On Aug. 14 they sent a reminder that the new card would need to be activated "BY TOMORROW" to have the balance transfered to the new card. I immediately (same day) clicked on the link to activate the card and was sent an email confirmation right back that the new card had been activated. The next day he went to use the card that clearly showed a balance when it was activated in their "timeframe" for automatic balance transfer to the new card and it declined. I went to his account and it showed a 0 balance and his last account transactions showing a $30.00 credit from a card load that cost me $2.95 to load. I called Bill My Parents HORRIBLE customer service (the worst I have ever dealt with) and they informed me that they cut off the transfer before I activated it and now if I wanted any amount put on his card it would be another $2.95. I repeatedly reminded the rep-what a joke- that I have emails with the dates that cleary show the card was activated within the required time for the automatic balance transfer. She said there is nothing they can do (no doubt another ploy to squeeze every penny they can out of a person). She said there was no one above her to talk to and that it is what it is and there is nothing they will do-(for their long term customer that has contibuted to them staying in business). It was so unreal-I have never seen such a thing-STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY-HIGHWAY ROBBERY AT ITS FINEST!!! Don't say you weren't warned...
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Too much consumerism
Parent Written bykimminese May 18, 2012

Customer DISservice

The card would be ok but it didnt really teach them anything they couldnt learn with cash. My key thing was their customer service I need to cancel my daughters cards. Initially i was only calling for refund information because I intended to cancel only one card but after such a negative experience with your ill equiped and unhelpful customer service I need to cancel both cards so I dont have to have any further contact with Bill my parents ever again. Customer service should be just that not treating a customer like a criminal by giving them 2 chances to answer a question. The bank doenst even do that, they allow you to verify other items even if one item can not be verified, this is a prepaid card for christ sake with 2 small balances. If I was a criminal I wouldnt waste my time on these accounts. Considering the cash belongs to me I would have appreciated assistance on how to proceed IF I decided to cancel, which now that decision has been made for me. Your hours for the credit dept is during normal work hours (9-5) and I have to wait for them to call me I cant call them so Im not sure how Ill ever get this straightened out. Maybe that is by design. PS pray you never get Emily on the line because all she will ever say is NO Ma'am/sir because she cant do anything about anything
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Too much consumerism
Parent Written bytnsgrl April 6, 2013

Run from Bill My Parents

Bill my parents is an absolute Joke, I cancelled both my teens cards out of frustration, so many rules, website wont let you load from another location, then declines you, my teens card is constantly declined, I THINK THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY TO SIT IN THEIR ACCTS. Customer service has no power to load the cards, you have to talk to the acct dept which has limited hours. Cant load from Mexico, Cant load to many times, limites on everything. Forget it, they are more trouble than they are worth, just give the kids cash. Or one of your own cards that has a low limit so you can save yourself the headache and trouble with these people. You can open a low limit cc and give it to the teen and its far better, with out all the load fees.
Parent Written byMaxielou July 12, 2012

Watch hidden charges...

Bill my parents program is slippery and disorganized. They sent my daughter a new card out of the blue -- system upgrade-- we were told. I was charged $8 for this unwanted card. When we inquired about it they said they are sending another card and charging another $8. They said they couldn't reverse the charges. Ridiculous. We are already charged 2.95 every time we load the card. There is a maximum you can put on at once of $100.
Parent Written bypromom29 December 15, 2011

BillMyParents Cards Rock!

I think BillMyParents is an awesome sight because it really does help with the teenagers spending money. I have three teens at home and they all have a card. I put $25 on it a month and they know thats all they get, unless they are going out of town for some reason. The teenager that knows how to do it the best is 14 years old. My others are 13 and 16. This card is great. It is so much better than a bank card on it to. The kids love it because over the holidays, there aunts and uncles can put money on to it instead of getting them actual gifts. I totally reccommend it.
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Parent Written byJP37 June 11, 2011

Love it!!!!

I got cards for my kids.. love it!!!!
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Great messages
Adult Written byJake the Butler January 12, 2011
Love the prepaid card idea. Finally some freedom to spend my money on what I want without having to ask my parents for their credit card. I love the Myplash card I have which is similar to the Bill My Parents system they have going on. Love it!
Parent of a 14 year old Written byseagulledge August 26, 2009
The site essentially works like a "Wish List" for kids to pick what they want to buy online, like for their birthday, and then the parent decides what to pay for. The parent also does not have to give their payment information to each site that the child wants to buy stuff from. Similar to paypal they can keep their credit card info secure for use on just one site.