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Do Not Join This Site

I was a member of this site for over three years and would just like to say what a terrible site Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE) really is. CDE has a major problem with trolls, double and fake accounts, and lack of staff. A lot of members and I were being bullied and harnessed by a group of members. When I connected the staff about the problems I had been having with this group of teens, they not only told me there was nothing they could do about it, but said the other members were allowed post or message whatever they wanted about me because it there right to state their opinion about me. I found this ridiculous and later discovered that this group of girls had Facebooks that were based off there CDE accounts. On there Facebooks they posted things about other members, screen shots of blogs, members accounts, etc and none of it was positive. When I contacted CDE about this problem they told me there was nothing they could do about it since it was on another site which I understood, so I went and contacted Facebook about it. Facebook told me all I could do is report the post that had to do with me and block the people, so that's what I did. When I found this out I decided that I didn't want to be on a site that allowed the bullying and harassment of other members and a site that bullying club on other sites. I emailed the site and asked for my account to be deactivated. It took them a month to respond to four different emails I sent them and they gave me the runaround for about another month. By the time I demanded that they deactivate my account they openly refused so and I am now currently still waiting for a response from them. There was an incident that happened to me that had to do with the site. A girl that was involved with the group of teens that had been harassing me on CDE made and account on YouTube under my user name and they used my real pictures that I had posted only on the site CDE. They made me look like a empty-headed, emotionless, jerk that like trolling videos about bullying. I had YouTube take it down right away. I saw a post one of the girls Facebook admitting that they had done that and had them temporary banned. Somethings you should know about CDE is that cuss words are regularly used on this site and are not always caught by staff members because the members of CDE figure out if you type l.i.k.e. t.h.i.s. then the website itself won't change the inappropriate language. The staff members are allowed to become friends with the members of the site which offend leads to clouded judgment when there are problems and contest. CDE is a big blogging site. The staff are allowed to take down any blog they want. They allow blogs that talk freely about politics, religion, and other members (which almost always leads to arguments), but they deleted blogs that speak negatively about their site, cyber bullying, and people's reviews on the site itself whether it's good or bad. The site is not consistent and has been going down hill since the creator of the site sold the site to the newest owner and the staff members have been allowed to do whatever they want. Over all I do not find this site appropriate for younger members as young as fifteen and under.

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Too much violence
age 10+


honestly this site is fun, i went on it for some nostalgia (im 16, and went on it 10) and i think its totally awesome for girls age 8-17 :) this site is awesome if you can manage to get to the old site and etch the surface. their dolls are now on a page with white and purple, but if you can find the dolls with the pink and blue background, the fun begins!! this site is so much fun for your average tween girl, heck, if your kid likes anime like i did, they have dolls and games for every anime, from Chobits (Chii~) to Sailor Moon to Inuyasha, (All of my childhood favs~) this site has EVERYTHING a tween girl would want! the only, ONLY flaw is this; back in 2006-2008, people's passwords would get stolen, but that has long since cleared up and ive never heard about it since. so i wouldnt worry about the passowrd thing, i go on this every day and its soooooo fun! just make a good password incase ;) 100000000000000000000000/10! this site is awesome!
age 9+


I'm a member and it's okay. Some of the girls on there are very rude and when i was younger one was so mean i cried. My user is kittycatlover123 and the dress up dolls are...very iffy
age 6+

Wonderful website

I've been on this website since I was 7, and I'm only 11 now. Don't listen to Common Sense's review, it describes that this is a poor website, when really, it is great. You can make friends, learn about whats new and cool, give your opinions, and much more that young girls our age should be doing frequently. It isn't innapropriate at all. Of course, when your dressing up a doll she's in a bra and panties, but all girls wear them, what's wrong with that? On most dolls not much cleavage shows, and they aren't "sexy", they wear what a normal child or teen would wear.

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Educational value
Great messages
age 11+

From a person who plays...

to be honest, I use this site, but I only have a few friends and only people I have talked to for OVER A YEAR can go onto my best friends list, its and interesting site and they hae PLENTY of moderators 24/7 to answer your questions and adress your problems... a problem with this site is, the only good items they make are rare (which you have to be a ppm[cde club] for) premium goodies which cost you real money and promo packs which you get when you become a ppm... this site is good if you know how to be carefull with photos and such, CDE does check your photos and if it evan seems to be slightly suggestive, they immidietly delete it... another thing is, many times I have seen people who put there likes as, s_x, partying and girls and or guys... that is a minor issue, but as long as you ignore these users you should be fine, another thing, girls pretend to be boys and vise versa! many times I have found girls who are actually guys and it makes me very angry, luckily you can easily delete somone who may be bothering you.... they have many fun things to do, such as a new thing called fasion fiesta which is somthing were you dress your avatar up in a certain theme, and people can either give you a yay or a nay, which brings me to my next point, you need to have self esteem because people are very mean, mainly because if they dont cuss, they may get away with it because the threaten people when they say they are going to tell a moderator, its very bad, but if you just ignore them, they will stop trying to feed of your reaction and ignore you completly... another thing is, you get a lot of friend requests, and most of them you talk to once then never speak to again! My friend who is a boy made an act (I made him so we could talk over summer break) and girls keep adding him asking him to be their "BF" and stuff like that, which brings me to another point... girls can BUY boyfriends... and CHEAT on them... the can also BUY children... most of the children are latino and its racist... but somthing good is you can post your art work for other users to see, one thing about items is, people have "stores" and they usually sell "wanted" items for very LARGE amounts on CDS(Cartoon dollars) which your child may earn, or with this site, make sure your child is ready for, haters, ads, occasional racism, and bad life lessons...

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Too much consumerism
age 17+
age 12+


if you hate this site someting must be wrong with you.this site is awsome for for anime loving fashion desisgners, just like me.the thing i like about it is that you are free to have your own personallity (you have the abillty to be a goth or a girly person).the only thing that bothers me is that there are lots of advirtisements on the site,and it wants you to upgrade to CDE club.

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Too much consumerism
age 11+

Log in problems

i dont like how i cant make a person cuz my parents keep on pressing the button to finish my account then i try to log in but it wont let me!!!!
age 8+

Great for tweens and teens

Great for girls who want to grow up and be a clothing designer, and or model!

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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
age 9+

The worst is only big boobs

Eh. It's a dress up game site. Even if the models have big boobs, it's pratically harmless. Perhaps not for younger kids. A generally safe site.