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because why the bungee s playing all day long its the worse cartoon iv ever watched ew

age 5+

Best cartoon channel in india

Best cartoon channel in India. My favourite program is Tom and Jerry. But now a days in Tom and Jerry live commentry is very bad. useless dubbing artists.

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Great messages
Too much consumerism
age 18+

Cartoon Network is fun

Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon (Except spongbob) but they were mad at cartoon network on 2016-2017 but Cartoon Network is still a good channel

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Great messages
age 7+

Review from someone who used to watch it as a kid

Shows today suck yes, but they're kid friendly alright. Adult Swim from 10pm to 6am shows are 15+ though and they include american comedy cartoons and anime which are not suitable at all for kids. Just be careful
age 2+

It’s ok at time

If I want to be honest I hate just come on how can u still say that’s your network is the best when u took away everything good I mean wow it’s kinda embrassing to know that more and more stupid shows are being made
age 5+

These days you can review so much media

If you think CN nostalgia fanboys fills up 2018 go back to 1980's and see how much 1960's nostalgia there was back then so. Well, CN has a lot of classic shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog. I'm no SatAM early rise person any longer but you can find hundreds of CN fans on social media and DeviantArt these days and talk about your favorite CN moment all day.

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Too much violence
Too much consumerism
age 18+

Great Cartoons

Adult swim is just for that, adults. I watch Cartoon Network 24/7. My problem is that during the day, they show commercials in the middle of all the programs. You may have some children watching Adult Swim, but why do you only show the non smoking ads during Adult Swim? I'm an Adult, I don't like watching those.
age 15+

Not for young Children

Would never let my kids watch most of these shows. More for older teens and adults.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
age 13+

Adult "toy & game" commercials

Half of the game and toy commercials are all about body functions. Today i saw a new game being advertised on Boomerang that was a miniature toilet and sprayed water on the child. Just exactly what are they trying to teach our children?
age 12+

I feel like it's toxic

Might be a little harsh. But being 23 I remember when this network actually had shows with lessons and the ratings on the shows were actually age appropriate. Now I feel like they focus on one show that revolves around nothing but negative concepts I am referring to "teen titans go" in particular. I noticed my nephew watching this show and it contained fart jokes, bullying people for being different. And whatever good lesson the show seems to try to teach the characters turn around and spit on that lesson. And it seems like all the shows on this network seem to revolve around the same concepts. I don't think kids should watch this show until they can determine the difference from right and wrong on there own without outside influence.