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make more gumball episodes because its my favorite show
age 8+

Really good channel

Good channel filled with great cartoons. Even those 90% of adult swim is trash their showing how they also want to make content for adults. Just know it's definitely not for youngsters but hey maybe that's a good thing. Nickelodeon failed because they were aiming to low with their age demographic but cartoon network aims high whick is why they are great

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age 7+

Ehhhh It Could Be A Little More Better

The Network Is Fine But The New Shows Are Garbage Cartoon Network Was Good Until 2019 I Give It A ⅗ The Other Shows Like SuperNoobs, Gumball,Teen Titans, Total Drama Is Great

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
age 6+

To all parents comparing old and new Cartoon Network

They keep talking about “ah the morals would somebody please think of the children?!” Shut up the Christmas episode of dexters lab teaches kids Christmas is all about the presents and I’m not even gonna talk about ed edd and eddy. Over here in the uk adult swim doesn’t exist so I think Cartoon Network is fine for kids 6+ I do admit that they’ve recently been rushing out shows what happened to adventure time, amazing world of gumball, regular show or we bear bears? Those were great shows and they’ve been replaced with Apple and onion even teen titans go has gone down hill after there heigh following the movie. I have mostly stopped watching Cartoon Network. Might watch an amazing world of gumball episode from time to time but I’ve moved on because they’ve ended every show I enjoyed
age 3+

why are you all idiots

this is a good network and all of you are wrong because cartoon network is the best i used to watch it and you all suck unclue grandpa is the best
age 7+

How Cartoon Network Affects My Life Now

I know you all who read this will think that it's wrong for me to give this 5 stars, but let me explain! First off, I have watched shows of Cartoon Network from shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy to MaoMao Heroes of Pureheart and so much more! My one aunt was around 12 when I was around the age of 4, so she would watch me and all we ever did was watch Cartoon Network because that was what she mainly watched. She would watch shows such as Ed, Edd, and Eddy, The Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Teen Titans and more, though I kinda got addicted to the network. She would introduce me to shows such as Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time, and more weird shows that still holds a place in my heart. Over the years, I've explored the different shows Cartoon Network has shown and have never been happier! With me exploring Cartoon Network shows, I found the shows such as OK! KO! Let's Be Heroes, Over The Garden Wall, Victor and Valentino, and much more. I do, however, suggest ages 7+ to watch the show because of action scenes, but I'm 15 and still love the network. One thing that I'm still upset about is that Cartoon hasn't played reruns of old shows nor do they advertise shows very well. I'm also still very upset that they decided to not work with the show Trick Moon anymore, but besides all of that, Cartoon Network has changed that lives of many, including mine. You all may be saying that I'm stupid because I don't know about how god the old Cartoon Network is, but you all need to realize that this is 2020. The point of views on children change, which means that the type of shows will change. Reboots may happen, but not all of them are bad. What is great is that on the same channel, there is Adult Swim and Toonami ( at midnight on Saturdays ) that are made for older audiences like you. I've seen shows on Adult Swim and Toonami as well and loved it. Cartoon Network might have its ups and downs, but in the end it's a channel where imagination and weirdness is everywhere. And that's exactly what everyone needs in their life. I hope you all have a plus ultra day ( MHA/BNHA reference ) and please consider as to what I've said.
age 2+

It's not as bad as you think!

I've watched CN since I can remember and now look at me! - I am not agressive - I am fully respectfull - I've the best grades of my class - CN taught me how to socialize! I personally think you should let your children watch CN. It is not CN fault if your child is easy to influence, especially those parents who claim their child is rude/agressive because of imitating cartoon behaviours. If in any case this hasn't convinced you, you should rather tell your child to stop watching cartoons which contain "bad influence" like Clarence. But there are also many more cartoons which contain wholesome and educating stuff!

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age 5+

Thanks cartoon network India

Thanks sir for bringing us old retro cartoon. I would like to thank you and your team. I am happy that you starts old retro cartoon at 9 p. M. I think you generation should watch retro thanks sir

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age 12+

lost its touch

Çartoon network used to help get in cool shows on tv e.g. naruto,chops shocky chorks. cartoon network was great before but now is just for babies
age 14+

Not for younger kids

A lot of the shows are cancer now and days like Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe and etc., Go back to shows like Codename Kids Next Door and other older shows