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not rated for age

I love Dollwar

Dollwar is a wonderful website and it is so much fun. I visit it every single day. They do have things showing half naked girls and the girl that you dressup has a small "model body" making it seem that like is the perfect body. Also, there are clans and battles and in order to ugrade your account you can either pay with real money or use a dollwar form of money. I love dollwar and I think it is a great website!
not rated for age

From a dollwar admin

First, I am an admin on and just wanted to say that although you are entitled to your opinion you don't know the whole site and how hard we as admin work to keep things safe and suitable for everyone! No site is 100% safe for kids but we strive to do the best that we can! We don't allow cursing, talk about using drugs, etc. and will clean that up as soon as we see it! The bottom line is we can't be everywhere on the site at once so things do slip by at times! And above all, parents should be monitoring their children's website searches and decide for themselves whether it is appropriate! We have many, many children and adults that have joined together - and love it there! We have members of all races, religions and from countries all over the world - and we love that! The ads are an ongoing problem that we are addressing - we are aware and trying to correct the problem! It isn't that we WANT those ads there - sometimes our ad carriers don't listen to our requirements for the site! Our role-play area, chat, forums, etc. are heavily monitored and anyone caught contributing to anything sexually explicit or using foul language is warned and punished or banned from our site! Most of this type thing is done by the younger players - what does that say? It isn't our site but some of the children that choose to play and converse there! And we deal with the situations that come up immediately! We respect your opinion and just wanted to let you know that our site is a great place for kids - and adults, too! Our dolls DO look like barbies but that is nothing new - some of our clothes are sexy - and some aren't! But we are a fashion playing site and we all personally love the differences in style that we see!
not rated for age
not rated for age
People who spend little to no time on dollwar then right a review like this bug me. I am a moderator on dollwar and we all as staff work very hard to try and keep it clean. We do have lives outside of dollwar and we do a great job in what time we can spare.
not rated for age

Oh dear...

Dollwar is pretty much a sex den for pedophiles to pray on young children.... Also there was a lot of rumors of the admin of the site inappropriately chatting with a young girl. i'd watch it if i was you! but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is just my thoughts and opinion. There is no proof that the rumour was true... But from what i heard the police were very nearly involved.
not rated for age

I think dollwar is a very mature, nice site. For we have amazing Admins and Mods that watch us 24/7 in chat, on forums, and stopping bad mannerly behavior. I don't agree with this site on dollwar. We've changed from V.1- through on. We're a good site, and there's NO WAY we'll be shut down.