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Review from an old time member.

Dollwar had always been a pain. I used to go on it all the way from 2005. Not sure why I stayed on it, but it was a website to waste time on. It's often full of very stuck up females. Even the admins had issues. Overall, I'm quite glad dollwar is gone now, but sadly, Divachix has shown up in it's place.
age 10+
i love it

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A Great Site!

I've played dollwar for a long time, and I have seen nothing that was said in the review. Dollwar is an easy game to play, and there are no sexed up dolls. I recommend this site for any kid, because its fun, easy and most of all enjoyable.
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not rated for age

Dollwar - good stuff.

Dollwar is not in anyway harmful. Nuff said.
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that was crazy

my older sis made account and it is sick and crazy!
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NOT for our eyes...

This site used to be an ok site -- it wasn't too pushy on the "look" and wasn't too pushy on trying to look "sexy". This isn't a very good site for kids to look at.
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smilemiley..member of the site..

Okay. Now all of us have our opinion to the site. I have been a member to the site for 3 years. And it is great. There are MODS in the chat rooms that make sure everyone is in line. They also have forum mods that make sure everything on their forums is inline. They are always watching us in chat and on the forums to make sure all the members are behaving. One of their rules is No dating or date talk. Which means if they are caught dating they are reported and actions are taken immediently. That doesnt mean nothing happens. SOMETHING DOES. It is alright for most people. But if you dont want your kids on their then so be it. If they want one its their life not yours. Okay. Seriously. It isn't that bad. They have no control in the bad ads on the site. They can't block them. And most people that do something that is AGAINST the rules either gets IP banned which means they will never get onto the site every again or they are kicked off. So it is SAFE depending on how your kids act on the site.
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For Children

The youngest Child I know on dollwar is 4 and she is just fine she is related to me and there is no problem.Its not sexed up dolls or anything.I don't know what website you've been viewing but its not dollwar.Plus you must of been viewing a Porn website !BURN!
not rated for age

Use common sense and there's no issue.

Like all websites that involve any social interaction, there are potential dangers in using dollwar. However, if you don't give out personal information and use the site with a little common sense, dollwar is fine. The website has a large staff that keeps out any language and anything above a PG rating. The dolls' appearance should not be an ideal for girls, but again, it takes just a little common sense to know that and still enjoy the website.