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Dont like? dont watch.

I'm a child myself (only 11) and I believe this show/ the books are meant for and older audience. This means not for your toddlers or 1st graders. It has dark humor, stupid pranksters and offers no educational value but in my opinion it is a humorous silly cartoon. If you think it is too dark, dont let your kids watch it. End of story.
age 2+

XD I Love those AWESOME twins...

[SPOILER ALERT] On the back of every book it says 8-12 years of age. I agree, maybe it's not for kids too frail and weak minded, but this is perhaps the kind of thing to strengthen those types up! Kids should be enthralled and amazed by Edgar and Ellen. Personally those twins sometimes make me laugh so hard that my stomach starts hurting. But seriously, what's wrong with gruesome gothyness? I myself am a goth kid and I'm sure I was a goth kid when I was 8 and that's over half my life ago. So does it really matter? Kids need to open their minds to the dark and the light sides of the world. Edgar and Ellen are just a mix of the villains becoming heroes, and the seemingly "innocent" becoming the worst of villainous. Sure they play terrible pranks and you could hardly call them cheery, but below their gruesome exterior, those twins are full of genius and life and brimming unbound, and THAT is the sort of thing kids should pursue... Also, you must recall that Pet, the Polosoculous, or ithune, is of course a fictional but rare creature. It also happens to be one of the protectors of mankind, as it pursues to help the twins stop Stephanie. It's also pure of heart and it is very imaginative. Give the thing some credit will you?
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