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Teen, 17 years old Written byMr. Mcnolty July 17, 2021

Epic Rap Battles Of History Is So Funny!

Epic Rap Battles Of History s hilarious. Created by Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, since 2010 they have been making so many good battles. Like Harry Potter Vs Luke Skywalker, Deadpool Vs. Bobba Fett, Michael Jackson Vs. Elvis Presley and many more. But a lot of there song are explicit, there are a lot of bad words in the songs, like the b word, the f word and many more. I would definitely say it is for kids from 14 and up. I mean it depends on what your aloud to listen to. It’s really great. 5 stars. But it’s not the most kid friendly.

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Kid, 12 years old April 13, 2021

Epic Rappers (haha funny)

Nothing your average middle school kid can't handle
Teen, 14 years old Written byNonsensical_Reviews March 19, 2021

High quality, funny rap battles have intense cursing.

Epic Rap Battles of History, or ERB for short, is a satirical rapping video series on YouTube that has been running since 2010 and was created by and starring Peter Alexis Shukoff and Lloyd Leonard Ahlquist.

Language(4/5): Overall lots of cursing, but most rap battles are either PG-13 or PG levels of profanities. Curses include infrequent uses of "f**k" and more frequent uses of "c**k", "s**t", "a**hole", "b**ch", "a**", "d**k", "pu**y", "piss", "damn", "hell", "bastard", and more. Occasionally, there are blasphemies, and sometimes black guest rappers use the N word. There are also three videos to avoid if watching with kids, which are "George Carlin vs Richard Pryor", "Hitler vs Vader 3", and "James Bond vs Austin Powers", which include explicit sexual references and one use of "c**t" each.

Sex(3/5): References/jokes to female and male genitalia, c*nn*l*ngus, and other sexual acts are infrequent but apparent.

Drinking, Drugs, And Smoking(1/5): Some references to weed that are brief.

Violence(2/5): Some gun threats and references to historical violence.

Positive Messages(2/5): Some educational messages and messages about teamwork are infrequent but do occur.

Positive Role Models And Representations: Even if the historical figure is positive, they are pitted in battles to insult and berate their victim regardless of circumstance.

Best battles: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Hitler vs Vader, Rasputin vs Stalin, The Joker vs Pennywise

Worst battle: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

Quality(opinionated): Definitely lots to offer, with clever lyrics, great effects, and hilarious characters and jokes.

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Kid, 12 years old August 6, 2020

Has it's pros, and has it's cons

ERB is really epic especially looking from a rap enthusiast's point of view . The flows and disses work really well and is an amazing source of entertainment for me. It also taught me a lot of history through the lyrics and that was benefecial. The only problem is the high level of swearing which is definitely not meant for dudes below 12 years. In the end It's great to listen to, the lyrics though is the only bad part of the whole series.

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Positive Messages
Teen, 13 years old Written byzevion October 20, 2019

Yep, that's right.

This show is fantastic with its writing and visuals, but not for little kiddies.
I made the mistake of watching this when I was 9, along with watching Smosh around the same time.
It's not like every single line features extreme profanity and alike, but it's pretty frequent.
Anyway, this show is great.
Maybe not in season 1, but by season 2, it took a major improvement and just continued on from there.
The only peculiarly bad ERBs that are not from season 1 are Charles Darwin VS Ash Ketchum( In which the concept being ripped off from a meh fanmade rap battle was the least among its issues.) and Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump(I like a good Trump Impression, but I don't like hearing a Trump impression on a slow beat.)
It took a bit of a dip during the first 4 battles of season 6, but then Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin saved everything.
There's also the previously mentioned fanmade rap battle community, many people have decided to mimic ERB and upload their own rap battles onto the internet.
Some of them are good, and some of the others are The Best Rap Battles Of All time.
Review over.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Teen, 14 years old Written byTVinSin May 28, 2019

Epic Rap Battles of History Review

There is heavy profanity in most of the battles. F- bombs occur on average once or twice during a battle. They usually only occur more when they are trying to fit the character, for example with someone like Gordon Ramsay or Deadpool. There are a few that don't contain swearing, like Wonder Woman vs Stevie Wonder.
There are sexual jokes in most of their battles, sometimes they can be explicit but the majority are mild to moderate. In "Wolverine vs Freddy Krueger" Wolverine says "That claw is like a strap on, there's a p*ssy underneath". References that explicit are rare however.
Some battles contain very dark jokes that laugh at messed up things, there are holocaust jokes in Hitler vs Vader.
The reason that I have rated it five stars is because it has an extremely high production value, it's funny, clever and the music is even good. If you rewatch an ERB you will always find something new in it. One thing that they are great at is having a mix of jokes that are very hard to get and only hardcore fans of the topic would catch them as well as jokes that most people can get. It also got me very hooked on certain historical people and I actually learned a lot from it. They have lots of very accurate historical facts in there that are presented in a fun way.

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Kid, 12 years old March 18, 2019

Its a great show, and we can handle it

Look, i can handle it and i am 12. It's not that bad, and it teaches ud kids over 11 about history. It also often have catchy tunes, and overall, its great. And do not be bothered about the language. Most 12-year olds can handle it. I heared worse when i was 7.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byBarrymore13 August 6, 2017

Amazing show with filthy language

I've been watching since season 2 and have really enjoyed it. The language is explicit in almost every episode.

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Kid, 8 years old February 19, 2017

I Started watching when I was 8!!

My Friend [Billybobjoe] told me to watch a few episodes after Trump Vs Hillary and I've Memorized more than 5 1/2

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Positive Messages
Teen, 15 years old Written byeazy__breezy June 18, 2015

Great, but pretty innapropriate

Epic rap battles of history are good, entertaining videos to watch, but really are not clean. Most have very bad language, some have very dirty sexual references, but some are more clean. Kids can watch them, heck I started watching when I was 12, but if you are honestly concerned about this, DON'T BE, there is a lot worse stuff kids can watch on youtube and the internet, this is very light hearted and probably fine for 13+
Teen, 14 years old Written byhuman1371 March 19, 2015

I'm Sorry If I Sound Like One Of Those People

I warned you in the title. Look, I know it's shocking to parents, but with the popularity of Youtube and the fact that most people watch videos and tv shows more often on the computer than on the tv, kids are now learning about "bad" things earlier in life. Epic Rap Battles of History might get boring after a while and definitely isn't my favorite Youtube channel out there, but it it's something that kids that are 10+ can watch. As much as I hate to do this, I have to remind you that in this time period with the growth of the internet, we should really be paying more attention to videos called "what videogame describes your sex life?" instead of a youtube channel that is not bad in any way.
Teen, 14 years old Written byKyrabfftwer March 1, 2015

Good but bad language

sometimes it can be insulting

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