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age 10+

That hangouts is for kids

I love google hangouts, it helps me comunitcate to my friends and people I love. It is annoying how they have now blocked the website which is a bit silly.

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Educational value
Great messages
Easy to play/use
age 10+
I chat my with people and it ok but you can say swear words

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Too much swearing
age 4+

I have this app sadly it got removed from google play store

Best app
age 2+


best app ever
age 8+

AMAZING, if you only text with people you know.

I have used this since 2019 and I have not gotten any scam calls. Maybe because I have a kid account on Google. But if your kid has an account like me, perfect for 8+.
age 8+

Amazing for kids

This is an amazing place for kids to talk to friends that are far away or just want to call. I always call my cousin and it is perfect! I recommend for kids who like to chat with friends.
age 8+


This is safe. My mom will let me use it instead of discord. You can send pretty much anything which I like. It is hooked up with Google. So you just need you friends email address. It would be hard to talk to strangers on this. Therefore, it is very safe.
age 7+

Ok for a 7 year old

Kids, ask your parents to make you a Google account, and if one of your friends has a Google account, you can talk to them.
age 4+


This is app is really great! Especially during this time, people need a safe and good way to communicate with friends and family. The only problem is that you have to have a Google account to use this.