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Adult Written byFuckMiniclip July 8, 2020

Not even close to a true representation of games

It's all about getting money. Tries to make it look like you can win but if you watch closely, the game, ball movements, spins, all changes bases on how many you have won, whether it wants the other player to win, level. Dangerous for kids. Just put in some money and you can keep going.
Adult Written byJuggernaut187 July 12, 2019

Good, but very bad

This game has horrible match making, I'm a lvl 19 and am getting paired up with 100+ level players, so I lose all my coins, I think it's there way of getting people to spend more money for coins. I give this 1 star in as many places as I can find.
Adult Written byMiniclipREEMED July 2, 2019

The Game could be so much better. Unfortunately MINICLIP are greed fat toads.

In game coin purchases are a mistake. Once loaded up with coins. The game changes in difficulty immediately. your cue ball will find every pocket like a hellfire missile. Your opponets will be bots that can make the most impossible shots. you will quickly realist that you dont get alternate breaks anymore... instead your opponets may break the next 5 games and golden break you. This cost me 50 million costs over 5 games and I never had a shot. Ive been playing for over 1 year now and I recognise all the sabotage signs. Miniclip will make the game unbareable and take all your hard earned coins by deceptive and immoral means. It will drive you insane when you have a losing streak of11-12 games where you have made no mistakes... just screwed over and over again. Please dont waste your money... this game company is operating a sneaky deceptive illegal casino dressed as a harmless 8 ball game. you pay them money for coins... they trick you... cheat you... fraudulently sabotage your chances of success by altering ball trajectories, make the white ball roll forever till it eventualy finds a pocket. They alter your cue's stats so you are regularly underhitting... miss hitting. and end up placing cue balls in a place there are no chances of a clear shot. This goes on game after game no matter how carefull you play. you will find once you are playing in the lower amounts from 500 - 10000 coins, you find yourself in an endless stuggle to climb out to higher tiers. Its designed that way so you get frustrated and try to buy your way out of the impossible rutt that goes on for hours, days and longer. Miniclip is 100% about making money and have very little regard for player/customer satisfaction and enjoyment. So in a nut shell... dont waste your money... skill is a small fraction of how well you will do... READ all the bad reviews... they are all stating the same issues.... I will someone would challege their deceptive unconcionable practices via the legal system. Its blatant fraud and very little value for money.
Adult Written byCrazyhorse2u June 27, 2019

Fun game but

They will take your coins and say you cheated to get them
Adult Written byT J September 25, 2018

Amazing variety of games!

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Positive Messages
Violence & scariness
Parent Written byLemsi L. December 13, 2017

Customer Support or Service staffs are not professional

No sense of customer service, you wait for a reply for a problem for months and when they answer you ( after more than a month ), you have to reply back within 24-48 hours or your ticket will be closed. ( yes even with in app purchase problems ).

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Adult Written byLinda D. September 28, 2017

Not okay for children at all!

This website is filled with games involving sex graphic violence and words like hell and a** if you really cared about children you wouldn't let them go on this site.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byRod C. March 8, 2017


8 ball pool is a great game. Unfortunately Miniclip use it only to increase revenue. Not only do you play some very good players but you also have to contend with a
" cheating table ". When the table wants you to lose your play money (so you have to buy more) your cue develops a mini vibration, the bounce angle off the cushion changes , ball speed changes and you lose games. Good game ruined, bloody shame.
Adult Written byWade88 January 9, 2016

Support team is non-existent

I have had trouble with the game, no support, no responses to email. Minicilp doesn't care to improve or help you at all find another have maker don't bother with Miniclip.

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Privacy & Safety
Parent Written byHuckthebug August 31, 2015

Miniclip 8 ball pool play

This is a absolutely buggy play. I had a view times more as 200.000 coins, after I reach that I lost each play. That means, Miniclip wana just sell coins and make that you loose. More, there are many players, look on you tube for "flash engine players-miniclip 8 ball pool", so you could imagine that play !?
I am out becouse it is a shit play just for your money !

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byAstrid Griffin Blake August 29, 2015

Games on Miniclip

Some games can have war but no blood. There is cooking, action, drama, simulators, 3D and stuff like that. Miniclip is very addictive and fun I must warn you!

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byChrisM 3 January 13, 2015

Don't buy anything from Miniclip

Our son used his pocket money for Gold Membership of a game. However, the game and membership became inoperable and therefore he wasted his money. We complained to Miniclip - their customer support keep sending automated messages and don't deal with complaints. Just avoid - don't trust Miniclip with your money.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byrishabhk August 10, 2014

Support of game is very bad

The support is very bad because they might take out all the earning you child did in their games especially "8 ball pool" game.

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Adult Written byricki_j July 7, 2012

miniclip forums admins issues...

i wrote a review and some of the words i thought were un-offensive, were, apparently, the mind boggles. ie: gestapo,.

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Privacy & Safety
Parent of a 4 and 7-year-old Written byishtar626 July 16, 2010

Some games okay for kids, most are meant for teens

Some of the games are okay for a 7 year old, but others have them putting bullets in people's heads. Icebreakers is an okay puzzle game, but others that are really violent need to be watched. is an extension of this site, and is really NOT appropriate for children under 16.

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Violence & scariness
Parent Written byeteacher2 February 12, 2010

surprise sexual content

I don't know how many people know this, but on some of the miniclip games there is "surprise" content when you reach a certain level. For instance in Boom Boom Volleyball when you reach one of the higher levels the girls who are playing volleyball become topless!!
Really not appropriate and it just happens there is no warning or anything

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 17-year-old Written bycrazyboijordan September 26, 2009


i think its the best

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Parent of a 1, 4, 7, 11, 16, and 18+-year-old Written bypopcornpop1997 March 15, 2009


Many games on this site are appropriote for all ages but... there are some shooting games that are very violent and bloody. There is no bad language, though. I suggest you to keep your children on the cleaner, better games. Overall, I would suggest this site for 10+
Adult Written bythescreenname November 22, 2008

awesome site

good appropriate games
Adult Written byGoodReviews330 April 9, 2008

A fun website for pre-teens

Miniclip is a games website for preteens, much like a younger version of Newgrounds. This website contains games which contain some violence (some with mild blood), however, the rest is mostly clean.

2 stars for bland games