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Fashion, makeup, boyz! What else IS there?
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Adult Written byTessa C June 19, 2020

Fun Games That Promote Creativity, Stupid Webisodes. So play the games do not watch the "show".

This website brings a rush of nostalgia. As a 2000s kid I loved the games and so did others. This website was on the awesome (at least that's what I thought back then) The games on this website are harmless, but simple and won't make you wanna play them forever. Boring for older kids after one run of creating a room or whatever but fun for under 9. The website is gone but you can play the games on or The games promote creativity like making fashion design in a coloring book way, or creating a bedroom.

Now the webisodes are stupid. They all center around boys orshopping. I hated the websites as a kid. I honestly can't understand what they are doing because of these awkward pauses and silences and the animation is bad is. Interesting art style but bad animation and the characters have literally no hips. Have no hips and slendwr bodies is worse then curvalicious bratz or lolsurprise. Because with no hips how do the myscene girls not lose their pants?! The characters are basically the same and all have a boy character created for them. No one can be single or lgbt apparently. You gotta have a boyfriend in My Scene land, ugh. At least they had more poc characters than most doll lines. Nolee the Asian one is the most interesting because on her bio it says she likes sports and her bio includes a game of her reading tarot to you. But in the stupid websites she just shops and parties with the others and never does sports or fortune telling!

These dolls are collectors now so hooefully your kid doesn't want one. But luckily consumerism really wasn't a big deal and wasn't pushed while games are played. I never felt compelled to buy the dolls as a kid. I never saw any in a store so that might be part of why, but the website didn't make me want to scream and beg for my mom to buy one online. If anything it pushed female stereotypes on girls not buying their dolls. Barbie, who my scene shared a website with, is a better role model. So is Polly Pocket, cause yah she liked to shop and liked fashion but Polly was always going on sporty adventures and trained pets and Polly was the only little girl character that had a whole toy line that made car toys for little girls. Definitely more groundbreaking than My Scene. The toys are like Mattel trying to make a ghetto-ish 90s inspire Barbie spin off, but are as lame role models as Bratz are.

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Adult Written byturnhams April 9, 2008

Fantastic site, if you're the CEO of Claire's, MUDD, Juicy...

Awful stuff. The video I watched starred four friends who had promised each other they'd take a break from shopping. They lied to each other, caved, then proudly declared themselves to be "mall maniacs."

Forget the moronic video, forget the fact that myscene apparently thinks ghoulishly thin is cute, forget that the girls are complete idiots... my question is how did commonsensemedia give this site an "on" rating?

If this kind of rubbish passes muster with CSM, why even bother? Guys, do something else for a living, you're not good at this.