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Horrible to the world of business for the internet... Worse than a porno site.

Started well, turned to garbage. You have a web site that learned every element from early internet porn! But the games are supposed to be for children... There are ads about proscription drugs that nobody knows what they are for... Now, you sit they have click bait. You get a frozen screen until you click on it and it sends you to the website of the product... It should be illegal! And, again, I just went there to play Scrabble, which should be a child's game where they can learn... They're just as evil as the rest.
age 18+

just spent an hour trying to find the app, join again after 10 years: what happened to searching for a subject and installing in 10 minutes?

age 12+

EA has poor customer support.

If and when you have an issue with Pogo (EA), don't bother reporting or emailing this company. The company states that it will respond within 72 hours and that's not going to happen. Unfortunately, I will be looking for alternate sites. In addition, this site requires parental monitoring since most players are adults using suggestive, inappropriate and sometimes rude comments.
age 18+

Best Pogo Is Best Games Online

I don't play much of it, but I do like Pogo when I feel like playing it. My favorite is Mahjong Safari.
age 18+

Just another deceptive "free" site with a twist.

Easy to create an account for "free" games. Not so easy to delete that account. Although you are presented with a nice shiny list of games after signing up, you quickly find that only a small list of ridiculous games are available for free. You are also informed that your Pogo account has also been mirrored as an EA account. Now if you decide you wish to delete your account you are told that they take deletion very seriously-as if that is an incredibly wonderful thing-and that you will have to chat with an advisor. When you click on the contact us are of course taken to EA. There you will enter delete account in the window provided. Very promptly, you will be told there is no info matching your search if you input delete account. If you continue, at some point they will present you with a customer satisfaction survey which of course does not contain 'delete account' anywhere on it. Somehow I did get another screen that asked if my issue had been resolved and how satisfied was I. I anxiously await, with baited breath a response to my second survey answers and request to delete my account. I am turning blue.

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Too much consumerism
age 12+

There are better sites out there

You cannot get anyone on the line to repair when things go wrong but they keep deducting your money. When I finally got through after three months (honest) I could barely understand the man, he was rude and I just quit rather than try to rectify the situation with them. It was not worth the time and trouble.
age 18+

Nothing but a headache

DON'T pay for this site, the games freeze or you get booted off alot. total waste of money and don't expect a refund. Almost impossible to stop them from charging you if you quit. they will charge your bank account every time your renewal is due. Customer service......there is none! always trying to load unsafe sites on your computer.

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Too much consumerism
age 6+

Thieves, will get your money somehow and will not give you a REFUND!

They got rid of Scrabble, and at automatic renewal time, they sent me an email that they can't charge my card because it was no longer good! So, i didn't bother cancelling it, because they said card was not good! Today, I got an email from my credit card telling me they charged me another $39.99 on another old card that was on file from another account! What a bunch of thieves, will NOT give me my money back!!!
age 18+

Worst site ever.

I used to play Pogo several years ago and decided to try it again. Joined Club Pogo through Google Chrome and everything was fine for awhile. Then, I started having trouble getting games to load and not getting credit for tokens won. Then, the FB Library disappeared and I went to Internet Explorer. This is even worse; slow and several times I have reported problems to EA with little satisfaction. I will not renew again which is too bad because they have several games I really like.
age 7+

Trolls and bad people abound.

I really want to play pogo because their games are fun and colorful. The graphics are great, the bots are great (except Scrabble. Those bots are jerks. XD ) My very huge issue with pogo is the volatile language,ranging from simple cusses to talking about molesting people or having sex with them, calling people derogatory cuss-names, and overall trolling, heckling, and bullying. I literally had to quit after after not even getting a few games played between Scrabble and Monopoly. With Scrabble, I had to hop room to room just to avoid this person that first tried to constantly badmouth me, and then when I muted them, kept timing out turns to piss me off. I finally made a private table, but by that time, I was so mad I just switched over to monopoly, which is my favorite pogo game, Once I started playing monopoly, I ended up leaving a game because a member outright said he wouldn't trade properties with me. At all. Made a new game, talked in chat about how frustrating the trolls were, and then got trolled again. I was trying to play the game solo, but by the time I got to the third turn, the chat was erupting in foul language by several people. Unless you're one of those self-hating, cruel and cold people who love to do nothing more than bring everyone down, you should probably not play on this site. I don't know how anyone can even pay them money for this abuse.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing