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Kid, 8 years old August 23, 2010

Nothing wrong with this site

The show gives positive messages. Worried parents might think that when one of the monsters defeat each other, they are dead. But they are just knocked out for a little while, that's all.

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Kid, 9 years old November 21, 2017


Kid, 11 years old May 3, 2014 is Awesome

My Common Sense name is Epic Waffles.
Attention people that signed up for the Pokemon Fun Zone on! My username is PikachuKirby

I love You can go on Pokemon TV to watch exclusive Pokemon videos, play mini-games to earn Pokedollars to edit your trainer in the Pokemon Fun Zone, go on the National Pokedex, lots of stuff! You can Create your own trainer and send messages to people, pick your Pokemon team, and play with people on the PKMN TCGO! There is consumerism because it shows adds for Pokemon stuff. Pokemon TV has the violence and the good messages. The swearing is on the Fun Zone because friend trainers can send each other messages, and they might swear. Safety is because trainers can play against each other in the PKMN TCGO, and send each other messages in the Fun Zone. They could send positive messages, so I guess that could be good messages too! I didn't mark it as too much sexy stuff, 'cause the highest would be just kissing.

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Kid, 10 years old December 30, 2017

The games.

The games are what Pokemon started with, and many kids don't understand that. I met a kid in my class who said Pokemon was a card game first, though Red and Green in Japan and Red and Blue in America/Europe/Australia were the first things that made Pokemon what it is today. The Card Game is more of a collectible to me, as it's pretty complicated as a game. The show is the other result for Pokemon, and I put a review there. Anyways, Red and Blue (And Fire Red/Leaf Green) have you play as a 10 year old named Red. (Or, in Fire Red/Leaf Green, the female character is Green.) You compete with your rival, Blue, to fill the Pokedex, and become the Champion of the Kanto Region, by beating the Elite Four, names are as follows: Lance, Bruno, Agatha, and Lorelei. They are extremely strong, and after you beat them, you can fight and catch Mewtwo. Pokemon has come a long way, with merch, newer games, and even Real-Life events! This is the end of this review, goodbye.
Kid, 8 years old November 3, 2017


There is some deaths witch is bad in a kids show but overall its great.

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Kid, 9 years old November 3, 2016


Kid, 10 years old March 1, 2015

A favorite!

Pokemon has to be one of my favs! There is mild cartoon violence but that's it! Great messages! Great characters! And rated TV-Y7-FV! Let's your kids watch this show! It's great!

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Kid, 10 years old May 16, 2014

Fun but addicting

Pokémon is a very addicting an fun video game. Although there is violence,
it isn't that bad.
Kid, 12 years old April 11, 2014


his show teaches good rocket CAN get annoying because they always fail, and as the show progess the traveler brock flirts with girls.but its not rude ,and its kinda funny

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Teen, 13 years old Written bypikachurocks343 July 28, 2013

Best show alive

I love Pokemon, and I've watched it ever since I was a baby. I agree with the previous review, that said the little creatures don't die, they just knock out for a while. Show doesn't have bad language or anything, and I'm glad Cartoon Network has kept it since the start. They've gotten rid of most of their good shows, and I hope they keep Pokemon forever. Some people who call themselves "fans" say they hate the newer episodes because Brock left and stuff, but it's not like they were going to keep him forever. I admit I miss him, but maybe he will come back in the future! Just keep your hopes up!!

Again, great show, great messages, awesome battles. The battles also aren't exactly that violent, they use fake attacks and every battle bonds a trainer and their Pokemon!

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Teen, 14 years old Written bymikeeme12 August 7, 2010

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Kid, 11 years old July 13, 2010

pokemon is the best

love it: good!!!!!!

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