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An App of Lies and Scam

In words of wisdom from my fellow peers, " HECK NO." Terrible, laggy, and basically everything you might dislike in a site. If you want a decent, well-fitting project video, they'll make you pay a lot, without a fair warning. Furthermore, some inappropriate messages lurk within some songs. Nothing too bad, but something I'm confident you would not like young kids to hear. And - oh - don't get me started on PUBLISHING the video. Very, very bad. Even as a student put in advanced Reading and English classes, I can't even start to describe all the things wrong in this app. Free? Ha, no. Unless you like staring at a blank black screen and scrolling through all the things WeVideo wants you to pay for. But trying to PUBLISH the video, is terrible. Around two to three seconds of film, it lags like crazy. Having to publish it is difficult. I have been trying for WEEKS to get this into a flash drive. I had to uphold the position of leader for my classmates, in which I didn't even ask - nor want - for. Currently, my project is overdue. Imagine how much I am disappointing my team? Who put their all into this project? I still have to finish this dang thing, too. But, for a warning to whoever is searching for the perfect video editor for a project, whether being for school, business, or other: keep searching. .. Please. I don't mean to be rude, and I understand WeVideo might have worked hard on this site, but I hope they take my critisim to heart. Kind of like how I did with my teacher on this incomplete assignment.
age 18+

Dosent Warn You

I made an amazing video using we video. I loved using it so much. When I went to publish it it said it was to long and would make me pay. It never told me this before hand. I would have loved we video other than the length problem i had. It was only 6 min long. NEVER USING THIS AGAIN.
age 18+


WeVideo is a pretty great editor with many features. Recently I was creating a personal video on a personal topic that I definitely didn't want to share. After I was done I pressed "Finish". Logical right? Well apparently when pressing finished it uploaded it to Wevideo's social video sharing. I was in shock and scared that someone else would watch my personal video. I tried for 3 HOURS to download my video and still failed. I DO NOT suggest purchasing this and definitely not for kids.
age 17+


To be honest, I think WeVideo has been a HUGE waste of my time. I had to work on this website with my partner for ELA but WeVideo did not EVEN SHOW THE VIDEOS ON THE WEBSIte. we had to redownload each video 10 times and every single time it did not show, so now we will fail our PROJECT BECAUSE OF WE VIDEO NOT ALLOWING OUR VIDEOS IN TO THE WEBSITE. thanks a lot