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Kid, 10 years old August 16, 2013



NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xtra math is not fun at all! We had to use it in 4th grade and everyone was complaining about it. Also there was technical issues. My friend had to start all over. Even mt teacher wasn't in to it. There was so much complaining she just let us learn our facts manualy! DON'T BOTHER!

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Kid, 11 years old October 3, 2016

Worst. Learning tool. EVER.

I am very smart, and HATE XtraMath. Unfortunately, I have been using this program since third grade, and have hated every second. The math is not particularly hard, but it is incredibly frustrating. It also does not teach you anything unless you already have math fact experience. For instance, if you are a second grader who has already mastered addition and subtraction and wants to try multiplication, you won't get far on XtraMath because it doesn't give you any strategies for memorizing facts, explanations for how the math works, or any real ways to learn not just what the math is, but how it works. Mr. C is also incredibly irritating, not to mention distracting. I understand that he is a real teacher, but he seems fake, and his perkiness makes you want to scream. Not only is the website not effective in its goals, but it goes about them in a long, slow process. In XtraMath, you get a practice quiz, and then you play a game called "Race the Teacher" where you get three seconds to answer the problem and then Mr. C shows you the correct answer. However, practice quizzes are the only games that can move you forward in the program, and you only get one a day. This is incredibly frustrating, and has caused lots of distress among my classmates and I. So basically, XtraMath sucks. Sorry for the rant, but I hate this so much that for my fourth grade writing project, I wrote a five paragraph essay on why my school should get rid of XtraMath.
Kid, 11 years old September 30, 2014


This website is torture! The first time I was introduced to it's nightmarish content was during third grade. The second time was sixth grade.
Oh. My. God.
This website sucks. First of all, how are second graders supposed to solve certain questions in 3 SECONDS?? (Maximum limit is ten.)
Secondly, almost EVERY time you try to type a number, since you are rushing yourself, you miss the key and type the wrong one...

Worst Website Award.
Kid, 11 years old January 4, 2014


Every day you have to wait for a quiz and after you take one, you have to wait one whole day! Plus Race the Teacher is not progress but practice which sucks.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byGrace S May 21, 2017

Just when I though school couldn't get any worse...

I have major problems with the ridiculous basic cookie cutter education that is provided at my school, and then they bring in the concept of having numbers flashed in front of you, and giving you 3 seconds to answer. The average reaction time of students near my age is around half a seconds, so basically you have 2.5 seconds. That is one major concept I don't agree with. In elementary school, we were given a sheet of paper with 50 facts, and 1 minute to do them. That way, you could spend more time on the ones you have a problem with. Also as I've noticed in my school, misclicking is a common way students mess up. You want us to learn our facts? Then give us something that might actually make a difference. As a student who tested 5 grades above the one I am currently in, and I was able to master then same facts as those on Xtramath in less than10 tries in elementary school, and yet it's taken me an entire school year to finish the cruel and unusual form of punishment that is Xtramath, I think I've proven at least to myself, that Xtramath is ineffective and pointless for the majority of students. Most all of my classmates agree.
Kid, 10 years old December 7, 2015

Worst education tool

When my school started using xtramath, I thought it would be a good education tool. But when I even logged on, I knew it was trouble. You have 3 seconds to answer random basic facts (addition at first) and this causes WAY to much stress. Also, in Race the Teacher, when you make one little mistake, you lose your smiles. This should be banned from all schools, because of all the pressure it puts on you.

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Kid, 11 years old October 29, 2020

Literal Torture.

I started Xtramath in 4th grade, and let me tell you. Me and my friends gave it the nickname "Torture Math" because that's what I felt like it was doing to my brain. It was stressful, boring, and useless. All it does is rush you. I couldn't FATHOM how some people in my Advanced Math Class came to like this piece of literally CRAP! It doesn't even teach you anything, all it does is stress you out! I don't know how I got out of Elementary school alive. I hate Torture Math.

Kid, 10 years old May 5, 2017

Sucks the Life out of Kids

XtraMath overall, sucks. Its boring, with a design and colors that look like the inside of a garbage bin, and you only get 3 seconds to answer the question. I have asked people in my 4th grade class what they think of it, and almost all of them said that it is very bland and they always press the wrong number key because it rushes you. A long time ago I passed addition, but if I pressed the sign out button, it would not let me sign out. So because I could not sign out, I had to exit out and it erased my data and I had to start over. At the end of 4th grade, the day that I am writing this, I still have not passed addition. The guy in the corner is distracting and very creepy, and doesn't give encouraging gestures. He will only act sad if you beat him at answering the question, or he will shrug his shoulders at time to time. When you test on XtraMath, you feel rushed or timed, and gives you no time to memorize basic math facts. I absolutely hate it, and so does the rest of my 4th grade class. If you are a parent, I would not recommend making your child do XtraMath, and if you are a teacher, PLEASE do not torture your students with this horrible program. This program is torture and sucks the life out of kids.
Teen, 13 years old Written byAggie26 January 1, 2016

Xtra Math is the worst

When I started xtramath, I Was like "Wow, I think I'm gonna like this!" But now, I think that this math website has gone from practice to torture. I have been stuck on the subtraction practice for about 2months now, and it always says that i got something incorrect even though its correct. I eventually gave up on it because it wouldnt let me pass. DO NOT GET AN ACCOUNT FOR XTRA MATH!!!!!! IT WILL BE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! Trust me, the worst.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byDragospark November 30, 2015

Is this a joke?!?!?!?

I've done it, it sucks i worked easily weeks of time on it and only made it to subtraction. i was in Pre-Algebra in 5th grade and made it to subtraction so is my brother it is a unfair cruel way to learn math that wont help you at all to learn its more of a can i memorize the numbers thrown at them. It forced me to put an age but not for anyone it sucks.
Teen, 17 years old Written byWebsite Reviewer August 24, 2020

Stressful, gives math a bad rep

I personally did Xtramath before reviewing the website as a whole. The video at the beginning claims "it is forgiving when you make a type" when in actuality it is still counted as incorrect and gives no mercy to the user. Typos are common which when I make typos I hate it and it makes them really distraught in order to continue to the next problem which they continue to get wrong because they are still stressed. It makes kids want to get a good score in order to impress their parents and or guardians, but ultimately in the end they get a lot of problems wrong and are stressed and angry about it. Some people say 'oh blame the children they just don't know math and need to practice' but inthe end its the websites fault for how it runs. It makes the children hate math in the long run because how he actually somewhat TAUNTS you by making a sad face.
Kid, 12 years old June 1, 2018

Xtra Math Stresses Me Out

From third to sixth grade, I was tortured with this site. My teachers always assigned it and Xtra Math was always a competition within the class. Nobody ever did Xtra Math because of how stressful it was. You are given a short time to answer a lot of math questions. You were given big fat red ¨X¨ if you got the problem wrong or didn answer it in three seconds. This site did not help me at all. Would not recommend.
Teen, 14 years old Written byBoycottXtramath October 30, 2018

I made an account just to tell you how bad it is.

Ok, where to begin... How about on several occasions, at least 10 times (Not over exaggerating) this website made me ball my eyes out, because of frustration, stress, and me feeling like I can't fricken do anything. It gives you 3 seconds to figure out the problem, let me explain how that 3 seconds goes: 1 second, read and understand the problem, 1 second make sure you hit the right key, 1 second ONLY for actual thinking. Its WAY too rushed, and because of this, there is also a possibility that you hit the wrong key. And if you get a problem wrong once, you automatically "don't know" the problem. I hit the wrong key on 6x0. And as I 12 year old, apparently I didn't know what 6x0 was for at least a month. WHO DOESN'T KNOW 6x0??? Another thing, you can only improve and advance your score once a day, so that means that I was opening up taps and closing them every single time I got ONE problem wrong so that this program wouldn't take me the entire school year to finish. One day, I was doing that about 30 times, balling my eyes out, stressed, angry, and not believing in myself (again, I was TWELVE. This made a TWELVE year old break down!) when finally, I got them all right! BUT, because the program did not show me one of the problems I "needed" to work on, I did not pass. I cried myself to sleep that day after at least 30 minutes. TWELVE YEARS OLD. I ended up having my mom finish it for me, who also agrees is a horrible way to teach math facts. Now, Im in eighth grade, my history and english classes are a year about my grade, as WELL as my math class. I'm a smart kid. I'm good at math, but this website left me with a bitter taste for multiplication facts. If you are a parent or a teacher wanting to use this program, DON'T. Kids will never like working on their math facts, but this program will break them down and make them cry. Good job at looking at the reviews first, I wish my teachers never made me use this, don't force your students too either.
Teen, 13 years old Written byGiovanni1206 November 26, 2017


I'll be honest, when I did XtraMath a few years ago, I did master my math facts, but there were a lot of issues. First of all, the time limit sometimes does not give you the time to find the right number on your keyboard, especially when you're a second or third grader. Second of all, the progress quiz doesn't even give you the problems you need to master half the time, and the other half the time, even if you get it RIGHT, it still doesn't say that you have mastered it. It can be very frustrating to go on once a day, and then accidentally press the wrong key. All in all, it's a very frustrating program, but if you pay attention, it can help you to master your math facts. (P.S. 3 "Race the Teacher" rounds is a little much sometimes, especially if you're busy.)

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Teen, 13 years old Written bySussyBaka87 December 5, 2021

Sue mr c

So basically my little Jimmy came home from school crying because he got a F from his teacher mr C and he was a barbphobic because he didn’t stan Nicki Minaj the queen of rap and we tried to sue this but mr principal refused to fire him. Jimmy’s favorite rapper is Nicki Minaj and please stan the queen of rap. #BanXtraMath #JusticeForJimmy

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Kid, 10 years old October 22, 2021


Look, parents and teachers somehow think this is good but I HAAAATE IT! I'd absolutely five this zero stars if i could. If your teacher's like, 'lets use xtramath now!' you should be like, 'nooooo!!!!' because your sooo gonna hate it. So please no one do this.
Teen, 13 years old Written byGame_Boyeee November 5, 2020

XtraMath? More like XtraStress!!!!!!

The app, "XtraMath" is used in Schools all over the world. The premise is super easy. Answer math questions in a limited amount of time. Sounds like a normal math game, right?
This thing is AWFUL!!!!! It's a stresses out EVERYONE, all because the so-called "Teacher" (The man in the red t-shirt) answers the questions WAY FASTER than you can. And in order to beat XtraMath, you NEED to answer questions faster than him so you can move from addition, to subtraction, then to multiplication, then finally, Division (Unless your School teacher changed it). XtraMath is hard, bad, and stress-inducing.
And that's not the whole story.
If I go to Google and make a bookmark that goes to, then click on the newly-made bookmark, guess what happens to me? I get a warning saying that people might try to steal my information from the website.
Don't let your children use it!!

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Kid, 11 years old January 29, 2020
Teen, 16 years old Written byJULIOBit April 11, 2018
Kid, 8 years old December 20, 2015

to much bad work

i hate it!you only get 1 chance a day to improve scores (in quiz) and 3 chances to lower it(both) . Mr C is anoying and everything is stressful so if you get 24 rght in 1 row and miss the 25 one then your score is zero . The smiling face meter stresses you out by showing your current score so you will get more wrong by being distracted.XTRA MATH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!