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It's been three years since we did the mistake of subscribing to this app, then they took advantage of having the credit card number and kept withdrawing money quarterly, every time i subscribed to told me the app will be available till the end of payment, then guess what... i find them again taking money. I tried to call to complain, the number they have on their website is a wrong number..... really frustrating...
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Game review of spalsh math

Game Review of Splash Math Did you ever learn anything from playing a video game? Did you ever wonder if there are video games that are actually meant for education? An online learning game should be educational, engaging, and easy to play. The Splash Math game is an online learning game that is educational, engaging, and easy to play. Splash Math is appropriate for the age setting of kindergarten to 5th grade. The “kindergarten level” is perfect for kindergartners all the way up to the 5th grade. I took a deeper look into a game called Splash Math. Splash Math has math skill levels ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. The parent or teacher starts the setup by putting in an email. Then the parents or teacher pick the grade level from kindergarten to 5th grade. In the app, the teacher or parents get a weekly email, check progress, and look at a child’s overall report. It shows how long a child spends on a topic and; it also tells you what the child needs more practice on. Splash Math is an app available on both apple, android, and on the computer. The game is very colorful and full of pictures. When a child plays the math game, they go through many math concepts at the grade level you select. When you start to play the game, you select your level and get one question at a time. When you get the question right, the hippo on the bottom corner says and types hooray. When you get it right, you move on to the next question till you complete the topic. The child can also win coins to buy prizes when they are getting questions correct. The coins and prizes help encourage the child to be successful. Splash Math is a game that keeps the child engaged. When the child plays, they are constantly advancing to new things to help keep them engaged. They are constantly moving on different levels and engaging in harder and harder math problems. They are constantly advancing and learning new skills. When the child gets the question right, the hippo at the bottom of the screen yells hooray and it keeps the child focused and trying to get the hippo to say hooray. Once the child gets so many problems right, the child gets to win prizes. The child might start off at the kindergarten level adding 3 plus 2, and then might advance to 12 plus 10. Once all the levels of kindergarten are passed they will advance to the next grade level. Splash Math is also a stress free game. The game is very colorful, very friendly, and a very simple game. The child or parent will find the game easy to maneuver their way around the game. The game will not stress out the child or the parent. It is a great way for the child to be independent while learning. The parent must set up the game but all it takes is a name of a parent or child, an email, and a grade level. After the game is set up, the child can log on and start with any type of math problem they choose. Let’s take a look at it through a 5th grade child’s eyes. They will open the app, tap the type of problem they want, and they will work out the problem. The Math splash game is an online learning game that is educational, engaging, and stress free play. Splash math is a great game for the levels kindergarten through 5th grade. I hope everyone downloads splash math. Get the game!

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