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Best apps: Our recommendations for families
If it seems like the world of apps is overwhelming, that's because it is! But never fear -- our editors have combed through the thousands of apps out there to pick the best. Whether you want to teach your preschooler the ABCs or read a great interactive story, yes, there's an app for that.
Kids can explore a variety of people and perspectives.
Creative and convenient fun on the go.
We keep track of the chart-topping iPad apps.
Apps and websites help families hold on to special memories.
Kids can develop and refine skills from media creation to digital literacy.
Interactive references at your fingertips.
These apps, games, and websites are great for homework help.
Tabletop classics, reimagined for the digital generation.
Quality games and apps make practicing math fun.
Educational goodies that won't break the bank.
Social networking is a part of everyday life for teens. Our list of apps helps you understand what's what.
Programming is the new literacy all kids can benefit from.
Encourage kids to experiment and consider the shades of gray in problems.
We keep track of the chart-topping apps.
These great picks won't weigh kids down with the boring stuff.
These gorgeous book apps offer more than words.
When you can't get outside, you can still play sports.
These fast-paced strategy games keep players on their toes.
Interactive tools that help kids explore our world.
Read, write, study literature, practice grammar, and more.