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American Dad: Apocalypse Soon

American Dad: Apocalypse Soon Poster Image
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age 14+

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age 15+

Fun but unfair. Definite money hole

At first I didn't mind the money grab, you pay for what you get. But the issue I firmly disagree with is the constant harassment and accusing of botting by their failed captcha system. It is very difficult to make out the choices, they have X's over them and support is no help at all. They insist it is working as intended and you will be locked out of your account for excessive periods of time. You have to appeal to APPLE for a refund. I enjoyed playing, but if I knew I would get locked out I would not put money into this game.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
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age 13+

Extreme money grab

I started playing at the beginning and the game was great, but it has turned into a pay to play greed fest that is boring if you don't sink lots of duckets into the gameplay. I am so disappointed with what this game has become...