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age 14+

Fun, but beware the ads!!!

Fun app that builds nicely on the original. However it is laden with so many purchase opportunities wherever you turn. I have been able to get to level 91 so far without extra purchases being necessary. However the ads are horrible. I am confident with navigating around ads online, but these automatically open the app store, which is not good for kids. Today I came across this certain ad twice: “interactive romance stories” with a pg-13 style animated video of a couple in the act. No nudity, but it shows the video with an overlay of “sensitive content: some may find the content of this video offensive”. It doesn’t block anything and you cannot skip or go away: I think it was just put there to spice up the ad, not as a protection for the age range this game was designed for

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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
age 7+

Cheapest developers!

Good game in hands of cheap developers
age 9+

The game can get stuck.

It gets stuck because I was on level 200 and it placed me back to level 1 because it froze. Make sure you have good internet connection.

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Too much consumerism
age 5+


I recently discovered that Robin sometimes removes benefits from random players....they removed my treasure chest from the hat shop while others I asked, still had theirs. Rovio’s reply to me was to say they did this to make the playing experience better for the most players.....all this does is put the players who lost this award at a disadvantage!

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 10+

Worst angry birds app ever!!

This angry birds has so many glitches, it's absolutely insane. First of all, somehow my husband and I got signed into the same account. We have the same player ID and we have done everything we can to try and make us have separate accounts and nothing works. My husband even left a review hoping that the app developers can fix the issue and help us out, but no one really cares if you have glitchy app I guess. Also, it takes 6 days to unlock each extra bird. We unlocked all 3 extra birds (had to wait a total of 18 days unlocking them). This morning I wake up and login to the app, and guess what! Somehow everything has reset and it's asking me if I want to unlock them. I'm like, really!! Also, there are times when screen just freezes and have to restart the app to play and in the process I loose all the progress from the current level. There are a lot of other glitches too. All in all, DO NOT use this version of angry birds. Nothing special, just a headache with the number of glitches. If they can't develop a reliable app, they should probably not do it at all.
age 8+

Was a little fun, but not now

This was a kinda fun game but no more. I don't know what they did to it but it plays terrible now. Also the game cheats a lot! I'm deleting it!
age 10+

Love the game!

Angry Birds 2 is a game that is very fun, but also brings a sense of science and arts related to the rules of geometry, and architecture, and gravity. About being angry; it is a human trait to be sensitive and have feelings, and I don't see any problem being a human. People feel and expect, so that is only natural to get frustrated and angry when you don't get what you want. That is actually very childish!!! There is no perfect game, but Angry Birds 2 is a game I would teach my children to play if they weren't as old as they are... They know chess and all the other board and card games, too. I tried and teach my children everything: and culture, and arts, and languages. Angry Birds 2 will not cause your children any trouble. It is simply adorable! Cute, really. It is just a game with birds and green pigs.
age 10+

Angry Birds 2 will make you angry

The game cheats by tricking you as you play this can be very frustrating. Also the company Rovio Entertainment is extremely unethical. Violates your privacy!!! Their policy is unduly prejudiced against free speech as well. Their program will glitch and ban you for rule violation without cause, probably when you are not spending enough money. They are so corrupt that they refuse to even tell you specifically what you did. This can be extremely traumatizing especially for innocent kids who may have pressed a wrong button or something only to be banned from their account like they are a bad person or some kind of criminal. Also, the gameplay experience needs to be earned and until you get to a high level it is not fun. After a very long time, when you have earned a successful and fun gameplay experience, the game will lock you out for no reason basically stealing what you have earned. The game is full of malware! It will glitch up your phone, I find my self needing to use clean master multiple times during gameplay just to keep my phone from overheating and having crippling performance issues. All of the extra ram being used for malware will guzzle your battery charge. Several times my phone overheated so much that I needed to take my battery out to prevent it from exploding.
age 14+

This is the second day I have dealt with this problem of my phone exiting out of angry birds 2 game on its own. Multiple times was I getting ready to win and I lost all my progress. Sometimes even lost spells diamonds ext. The worse part about it is not being able to win the jackpot because of the time limit on it. I would like to be reimbursed with King jackpot prizes or whatever you can offer. Please fix this problem because I do enjoy your game and I play it everyday