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Virtual world shallowly focuses on toys, chats with others.
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Adult Written byMomtastic September 14, 2018

Super fun and BEAUTIFUL graphics

Play Wild is one of my kids' favorite apps as well as mine. I love it because I feel safe letting my kids spend time on it, knowing that it is moderated by real people. There are chat restrictions and filters in place. I love that it's so beautifully designed. There are dens that my kids spend HOURS decorating. My kids have a membership in the PC version - which also gives them membership in this app. They have the pack option and they LOVE the pack runs - which is a timed game that updates with new items to collect pretty often. Decorating dens and styling their animals is really what my kids love the most and they could spend hours doing it. Great app!

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Adult Written bybrindyann04 September 13, 2018

Great app for kids

Animal Jam - Play Wild! is an amazing game. Its educational and wholesome. I never have to worry about my child being exposed to inappropriate videos or violence. And the fact that there are full-time moderators to watch out for any bad players puts my mommy heart at ease. I could not recommend this game more.

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Adult Written byvazor September 13, 2018

The greatest kids game for stability and feature depth!

Play Wild is a fun game that has lots of opportunities for learning, both from nature facts and from interacting with other kids in the carefully moderated social areas. I love how it covers all the classic and modern games I loved as a kid. The game has living social dynamics which helps kids learn about how to succeed in society, and how to set goals and strive for them. Plus hidden in the game are some great stories and deep customization options. Highly recommended!

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Adult Written bySandy D. December 16, 2017

Great, but...

I have been letting my children, both 10 and 12 play Animal Jam Play Wild for ever since they've gotten their first device. Usually at around 10. Other parents say that there is all that weird stuff going on, but really, I even have my own account and play on it, and I see nothing wrong. The jammers are super nice, but they are kind of crazy about this specific item called a "flowercrown." Yes they are kind of scamming but it's okay, they're kids, they want free stuff. My husband also plays, he mostly plays with the kids while I'm having my freetime. But only one thing, I think they should really have a place in settings where the kids, or even adults, can set play time limits. And they have to answer math problems like usual, to get in. Since they don't have that, I just simply set time limits on their Kindle Fires. They have normal chat, membership, and LOTS of saphires and gems. (Even more than they need to me.) Other parents say their kids lie when they put on normal chat. To me, my kids still do their studying slowly and use up their proper studying time, tell the truth, and still use proper language. But if National Geographic did add in this, Animal Jam Play Wild would be a very well educated and research learning playground.

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Adult Written byAlliemay06 September 13, 2018
Fun and educational game! Great app and easy to navigate/use. Game is diverse and full of fun things for players to do. The company keeps tabs on everything and is quick to fix anything wrong with the game and works hard to keep the players safe from bad content.

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Adult Written byjammerss September 13, 2018

Super fun game, never gets boring

There are so many different minigames to play, an ever-growing number of animals to play as, endless customization options, pets, social interaction with friends, and learning about nature.

It's super safe for younger kids. The game actively blocks bad behavior, is well moderated, and the support team is responsive.

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Adult Written byTackymom September 13, 2018

Mobile Animal Jam

Good app, keeps kids busy and interested. The loading screens have fun "did you know?" facts.
Adult Written byanimaljamfan September 13, 2018

Love having Animal Jam on Mobile!

I'm just starting to transition to playing AJ on mobile, but the new artwork is AWESOME and I love being able to play away from my computer. Since I play with my niece it's great to jump into the game when she wants to show me a new character, trade for a new outfit, or go on an adventure together.

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Adult Written byazndkny5 September 13, 2018

Animal Jam - Play Wild

This is an amazing app that my children play all the time. They are able to freely chat and express themselves, create the look of their avatar and den like their counterpart, Animal Jam on the computer. I love that there are safety features and moderators in place to catch these players more quickly. One of the best kids apps around.

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Adult Written byTheLookerOuter September 13, 2018

A Free, Fun, Social, Educational and Creative Game for Kids - on the Go!

My niece and nephew have played the "Animal Jam" web-browser game on their computer for many years now - but, when "Animal Jam: Play Wild!" was released for free on their iPad, it quickly became one of their favorite games to play.

Like its well-established PC counterpart, "Animal Jam: Play Wild!" provides a safe social experience in which kids can explore the expansive world of Jamaa while playing in their favorite Animals and wearing their favorite outfits!

This game offers an opportunity to express personality, make friends, learn about the natural world and much more! I highly recommend taking a look at this product and strongly believe that it is one of the best apps out there for kids.

As a final note, In-Game Currency can be purchased securely in the game
to allow Players to buy their favorite Animals, Accessories and more (with Parent Permission, of course!)

Highly recommended!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byamariel337 September 13, 2018

Great efforts to create a safe game for kids

Easy to have your kids playing for a short or a long time on this game. developing their unique styles of gameplay and interaction, all within a KOPA safe environment constantly monitored by moderators. With a variety of option for free as well as plenty for a few dollars a month. Easy on a parents budget, and I use Google Opinions reward dollars if i want to purchase something for my kids.

Any issues that have arisen have been promptly taken care of by their customer service. Im glad my kids have a safe place to learn and grow in their unique styles through Animal Jam Play Wild.

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Adult Written byjoy gowans September 13, 2018

Fun & Educational Game

This app really hit the mark. It is fun and educational and gets kids thinking and being imaginative too. Safe game which gives peace of mind as a parent. Love the monitoring aspect and how quick they respond.
Adult Written bykarless September 13, 2018

Play Wild is pretty amazing!

This game barely has any crashes, and it can be played for free (of course that having a membership makes everything even better!).

My nieces and nephews love it (and even though I live far away I get to keep in touch with them through the game)! Their parents told me they feel it is a pretty safe game due to chat limitations and etc. Give it a try, you will love it!

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 13-year-old Written bylavendersheep August 21, 2018

Great App!!

This is an awesome game, I don't understand why all these people are complaining about it! It is easy enough to play, and doesn't require any money to use. My 5 kids (ages 6-13) love this game and have played it for about 2 years. It is safe, fun, and educational. Parents can easily make changes to a child's account, and it also comes in 4 different languages! I would definitely recommend for other families.

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Parent Written byCharMama April 24, 2017

customer support=TERRIBLE and moderators=WORTHLESS

This game is solely on luring your children to steal scam hack lie cheat etc.. you get my point! And the moderators that "moderate" the game? WHY ARE THEY EVEN THERE??? I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this game in general. I will never allow my children to play this game again! If you know whats BEST for your kids, DO NOT allow them to play this game.. They will learn things they should not be HEARING or SEEING. Very inappropriate jammers doing and saying things that your children should NOT be around. I could go on all day about this review..but enough said, you get my point!

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byFred stone May 30, 2016
My daughter loves animals. She has been subjected to foul language and theft of items. Beware.
Adult Written byMarcoisland AJ October 16, 2020

My review for Animal Jam (Play Wild) - Marcoisland AJ

Overall, I think that this is a great game. It's not like Animal Jam Classic, where most things are for members. (No hate.) This is a great game for ages 5 and up, mainly because of privacy. (Your child may give away personal info, so it's better to be near them if they are younger.) Unlike other mobile games, this game is very safe. Sure, you get scammed or bullied once in a blue moon, but that almost never happens due to AJ chat filters. Although many people on common sense have said that the people playing are "Too Greedy" that's very untrue. Some people may like there items and they may say it's NFT. (Meaning Not For Trade)
As a teen, I still find this game fun, and not addictive. I know that a lot of user's that are 13+ play the game, but honestly guys, it's alright. There is no swearing or anything like that in the game. It's a very cute game, that changed my childhood. It inspired me to create Animal Jam Video's. This app is 10/10

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byAppleDansihAJPW May 27, 2020

It’s great!

I think Animal Jam- Play Wild! Is a good game. In the parent setting for ages 4 to 6 I would set it on bubble chat. For ages 7 to 12 I think regular char is fine. Just make sure to monitor your 7 and 8 year olds chat usage. If any of your kids are looking for a buddy, buddy my 10 year old who will NOT bully anyone whatsoever. Her username is Kekeli2. Be sure to try this game. But AJPC is a sad disappointment. Animals have sex and things. They say things like “Baby, this hard enough?” And “Oo baby that’s good.” Just be sure to play Animal Jam Play Wild and NOT Animal Jam PC.

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Ease of Play
Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bymorogers1 May 20, 2020

Seems innocent but look at what the "children" are doing

1.) Creates unhealthy obsessions with trading items and scamming younger players from "rare" items.
2.) People use their animal user names on other sites and children can go there to communicate with strangers.
3.) My daughter actually needed therapy to break her addiction to this game. When I say addiction I mean lying to her parents, playing in the middle of the night, bribing her little brother to let him use his device to get more play time.
Please don't let your children ply this game.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byrunboyrun51 May 19, 2020


Definitely try the game if you're interested

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