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Mini Clips Archery King Scam

The game picks a winner before the game starts. If your opponent is sorry and they want that prison to win, you get pop ups saying that your network is slower than normal so your opponent can shoot 2-3 arrows to your every 1. You have all 4/8/2020 I wrote the last review almost 2 years ago and nothing’s changed. Still being told network is slow when they need you to a guy your far better than and your still beating him than he all of a sudden become a marks man and your still coming back so they end the match prematurely with 10 seconds left it goes to 0 and your opponent wins. I quit playing for awhile and got into other games but came back hoping it’s changed. Nope!!! Bars but your network is slow. Or they all out cheat you and let the other person get ahead with their 3 to your 1 and and they end the game With many seconds left On the clock. This game is the worst!!!!

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Too much consumerism
age 5+

This game is great. It builds dexterity. It is nearly commercial free. It is OK for kids.

This is another winning game by Miniclip. It is family friendly. It is practically devoid of annoying ads. It is fun. It allows one to build up week by week. It can be fun for adults world-wide. Meanwhile a child can play. Here is a nice review of it:

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Easy to play/use
age 11+


the scoring of this game is erratic, at best. you compete long side another player.. even though you are hitting the target.. it doesnt always score your points. aggravating
age 3+

Archery King uses all my data.

I want to know why I can't play this game with Wi-Fi only? Why it only plays using my cell phone data?

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Easy to play/use