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Gory RPG entry into the series marred by awful controls.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byPewDiePewds January 25, 2017

Assassin's Creed Identity

Good app! I am 19 though not 17. Oh well!

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Teen, 13 years old Written by•42• April 16, 2016
So first I am going to start off by saying that the person that wrote this review is the kind of overprotective, annoying person that has probably not even played the game. They are sort of person that would rate peppa pig a 12 because it has dinosaurs in it.

The second thing I am going to say is that you can completely trust this review as I am not the sort of kid that spends all of their time playing gta or alien isolation. Nope, I am the sort of person that has a limited amount of screen time and cannot watch/play games worse than 12s so you can imagine what happens when i asked to play this game and my mom looked it up on here. It was an automatic no. But then I reaserched it and found that everyone else said it was no worse than a 12. Even the company that made it put it as a 12 on the App Store so finally my mom said yes.

Now we gat to the main part of the review. Common sense media say that it has loads o violence. It does not. You are probably thinking that a game where you are an assassin is going to have loads of violence in it, Isn't it? no. Of course you kill people, but it isn't gory and it is no more than a 9 year old could handle!

The conclusion is that:
1. you should get the game. It is pretty darn good an will take FOREVER to complete.

2. you can totally trust this review as it was written by a kid that has played the game and not by a parent that's like " oh no! It has the word assassin in it! I must rate it a 18!".

3. It is not as violent as common sense media say.

4. If it WAS an 18, than don't you think the people that made it would rate it that? And even though they didn't, the App Store could remove it for having false information, couldn't they.

5. Plus, common sense media say the controls are rubbish. They arent but even if you don't like them, you can customise them in settings.


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