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I'd give 5 stats if it wasn't for these issues! But it's still fun!

I really like this game. It's a lot of fun, it's semi-challenging, it's fairly easy to play which makes it nice for the younger age group. However, there are a couple things that are very frustrating. Number one- in order to advance to some levels, you have to meet certain requirements. One of them is that you have three friends and there is another one that you have to have, but I can't remember what it was. We should not be forced to have friends or certain items to be able to advance levels. Some people either can't get their friends to join or they just don't want friends. And, I do not think it is fair for a company to force you to have friends just to advance to the next level. The other thing is you cannot buy outright a VIP membership. You can only get a 24-hour VIP membership by buying coins and power-ups. And I think that is highly unfair and I don't think that it was a good decision on the developers part. If they could change those two things I would give this a five-star rating all the way across the board. But forcing people to have friends to advance is not very fair because, like I said, some people just want to play they don't want friends on a game. There should not be those kinds of requirements just to advance to another level. And if they would change the fact that you can only get a 24-hour VIP membership to giving us the option to buy it outright to where once we buy it, that's it, we've bought it and we get to keep it. If you change those two things I will give this a five-star rating. But until then I can only bring myself to do a three-star rating. Thanks for making an amazing game but change those two things and you will make a lot of players a lot more happier
age 2+

just go away, the game sucks

Your annoying commercials make me not want to play the game at all. Dont companies realize when people listen to podcasts, they have to listen to the stupid commercials all day and when your commercial sucks and it annoying, nobody wants to play sh!t! Or hear about again and again and again. BEST FEEDS, BEST FEEDS, BEST FEEDS!!!!! HA HA WE SUCK, COME PLAY BEST FEEDS!!! WE EVEN MADE THE NAME ANNOYING HAHAHA!!!
age 18+

Money, money, money

It is impossible to complete without spending money and more money, especially in the upper levels. Don’t get started and expect to get far unless you are willing to spend lots of money. What a shame because it is fun to play.
age 8+

Hand Over the credit card

Played for years. Up to level 3260. Suddenly no combination over and over gets you through it unless you buy the bonus rounds. You have to pay for extras that would help you through. I don’t mind a few bucks but this is ridiculous now. Done !

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Too much consumerism
age 8+

Don't get this game!

Since this is a family review I'll only use child-friendly words to describe how terrible this game is. Apparently the original developers sold the game to someone, whose new philosophy is to grind was much money was they can out of the player. I started playing the game in 2014 when it was first released. This put me at the top level of players. Several months ago, the developers changed the way awards were given and senior players LOST all their progress. This mean we were back at level zero for most of the new "medallions."Frankly if I'd wanted to start back at the beginning of a game I would have downloaded a different game. I've spent a ton of money to progress, but what's the point if I'm just going to go back to level 0 on each update? They''ve also made it impossible to pass levels without spending money. PASS ON THIS GAME.

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Too much consumerism
age 5+

Just a way to extract money from you

Your supposed to solve puzzles in this game but that’s not allowed. If you don’t buy then you only progress after you’ve done the same thing loads of times. So it doesn’t matter how many combinations you put together to achieve the set goals and crack the so called puzzles, you only advance when the game allows. Consumerism at its worst!

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Easy to play/use
Too much consumerism
age 11+

Bad buys

I have bought 2.99 worth of coins and both times it charged my bank account but I never received the coins
age 6+

Game is an absolute Horrible Waste of Time!

You can get to a certain point in the game, then they make it absolutely impossible to progress to the next level unless you pay! It's a total BS game, and unless you have nerves of steel it will piss you off! They have a piece on the board that you need to reach in order to win the level, but they make sure there is ALWAYS a piece blocking it so you can't get to it...until it's your very LAST move. Then the only way to get to the piece is by PAYING to get 5 more moves so that you can FINALLY reach the piece! POS waste of time!!!
age 8+

Pointless scam of a game

If your letting your child play this game make sure you keep a good eye on them and your credit card isn't saved into your phone because this game is a constant money grabbing pit. And when they're not asking for money they're showing you ads. You can opt out but if you haven't watched an ad in a while it will pop up on your screen the second you open it again. The game is fun and addictive but unless you pay for the extras or play day and night you won't advance past the levels as quickly as expected. They've basically designed it to take people's money.

This title has:

Too much consumerism