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Blaze and the Monster Machines

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On Frisco train At Silver Dollar City orange pull cable probably tank funny crusher Frisco train he pull cable other blaze monster machines The boys pull cable crusher pull cable well boys cut it out pull cable

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age 3+

Absolutly terrible

Pretends to teach but confuses and is so lazy. The whole concept is awful with 2 pointless human children. Horrible show will no longer have on in my house.
age 2+

The show itself must be intriguing for young child as my boy loves it.

The thing with kids shows is that you end up seeing them over and over. You know where im coming from right? Anyway, they're are some good parts where blaze byilds contraptions to overcome problems. This could possibly teach your child of things they haven't seen yet eg boom arm. Each of his friends had a particular skill or talent, claw tires or a lasso etc. The bad guy in the show, crusher also has a skill where he sends out robots of varioys description. What really gets my goat is, when blaze (speed) uses his skill to win a race its "cool" or "awesome" but when crusher users his skill hes "cheating. Why does vlaze win everything? Even in a team game he grabs the glory. If he were on my team id end up hating the guy. The problems in the show are also pretty stupid. Something "blocking the road" could be easy driven round. Also when hes "solving" a problem, tends to smash boxes over, covers the road in glue, generally wrecking the place and moving on. My 7 year old who also has to watch this points out the obvious mistakes in the show. In conclusion, 2 year old boy loves it, "drives" everybody insane. Go on then, ill mention the "truckball tournament". Stadium filled, anouncer proclaiming the start of the tournament yet only one team is ready to start. Blaze has to find team mates throughout the show. Just stupid. Moderately educational.

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