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Multiplayer fun marred by slow controls and a slower grind.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byLordPichu May 26, 2020

Perfect Game for fast gameplay

I’m 14 and I’m a esports player for brawl stars and i play for money. So I promise I’m very reliable. It a great game for 3 yo and up. I personally wanted to make a review because of how much false ideas about the game. There’s not really any violence unless u think beating other “brawlers” with their power. i read a review by a person who said brawl star has drinking drugs and smoking. THATS ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!! The game has 6 game modes plus 1 more right now because theres a limited game mode. 1 game mode is basically collect 10 gems with out “dying” and for 15 seconds. Another is basically soccer. Next is a battle royale. Basically last one standing wins. Then theres bounty (beat people to get stars) most stars wins. Siege get power ups to make siege bot to attack the other teams siege tower and lastly heist. Beat up the enemy safe to win. This game is perfect since game only take max 3 to 4 minutes. If u want to look me up and ask me questions my discord is LordPichu#3711.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byteentitans123 June 6, 2019


At more competitive levels of play, Supercell matchmaking gets worse and worse. Also don't play team games(gem grab, brawl ball, siege, duo showdown, heist) because all random teammates suck and you will only lose trophies. One of the most rarest things on Earth is a skilled teammate who actually knows how to play and not run into the middle of a map and dies, then does the same thing for the whole match.

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Teen, 14 years old Written by49ersBoss October 15, 2019

It's good, but younger kids wont be good and might rage

I'm 12, and i love this game! Good game! Well done supercell. No blood and no scary violence. No pop outs (except for leon). Not too p2w but i did spend some.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byBrawl Stars Gam... April 13, 2021

Full Explanation of all the risks

Okay. I'm going to go over everything that people get wrong about this game. First of all, it is not "pay to win". Brawl Stars is a free mobile game where you can get everything without paying given that you work hard on the game. All games have a place where you can buy the ingame currency to speed along your progress. This is how games make money. It is not cheap to get onto the Apple's App Store. Nor is it cheap to run a team of people to keep the game going. Nothing in this game is fully impossible to get. Yes, Brawl Pass is relativly expensive, but in the end, the brawler is still free. Again, I repeat. Nothing is impossible to get, not the brawlers nor the gadgets nor the star powers.

Next, there is no foul language nor drugs, consumption of alcohol, and definitely no smoking. If anything the characters says bothers you, turn off the sound. There is also a very low risk to your privacy. Even when you find a team in the lobby, it is impossible for these people to chat with you. The only thing you have to be careful of is who you friend.

Lastly, if your kid spends any money that they are not supposed to, its their fault. Not the games. Put more restrictive policies on them. It's not that hard.

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Ease of Play
Kid, 11 years old October 2, 2019

Smooth battle royale created by everyone's favorite... SUPERCELL!

Supercell is at it again but not like most would think. Yes, you've heard it right, it's BATTLE ROYALE! It's very similar to Fortnite a game that took the world by storm. As always you can join clans, in this called clubs, that have a member capacity of 100 members. There is a chat. The game is very easy to play, the tutorial is short and helps. The matchmaking is fair. It's a great game!

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Ease of Play
Kid, 11 years old May 13, 2019

Great game

Ok so the objective in showdown mode is like battle royale except you don't skydive you just spawn and it isn't very violent its actually very cartoonish the other modes are just basically fighting for a thing or to destroy a safe/canon.

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Ease of Play
Kid, 10 years old April 22, 2019

veary good game

this game is good but it dose have voilcene but i play it and it is very good

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old March 22, 2019

An Honest Review

First of all, Brawl Stars has chat with other players, leading to possible profanity. In-app purchases are often pushed, with numerous offers and a shop with several items. It's not really a game you should play if you don't have hours to play it, as long grinding sessions are needed to get good. If you ask anyone who has 12k trophies, they'll tell you they grind for at least a few hours a day. The matchmaking isn't great, sometimes allowing beginner players to get matched with pro players. However, this is still a great game and you don't need to play for hours a day to enjoy it. Not recommended for younger players due to the amount of playing time needed per day to get good.
Teen, 13 years old Written byScaryCushion December 18, 2020

Please Read This As It Would Help You Make A Decision

-Easy to play/use
Brawl Stars is a completely free to play game (no in-app purchases required) and absolutely no issue at all. You start in a tutorial that tells you how to move and how to attack, it's pretty straight forward. (After completing the tutorial and playing a match there is a shop containing in-app purchases, make sure to read to Consumerism if you are concerned).
Brawl Stars has a trophy reward system that allows you to get rewards as you progress in the game, there is a Trophy Road and a Season Reset. The Trophy Road has a lot of rewards to collect, it can be some boxes/chests, brawlers, or just some things to boost your progression. Season Reset. In Season Reset you lose some trophies in exchange for a currency called Star Points (this only affects higher trophy players).
Brawl Pass. Brawl Pass contains a free pass and a paid pass, but the free and paid pass are completely equal. The only things that the paid side offers that the free one doesn't, is... Skins (changes characters/brawlers appearance), a character/brawler, and a Pin Pack. The developers have made it not as necessary to purchase, as other video games have (free to play friendly).
The game also contains a level system. The level system is very balanced, all you need is some coins and power points (coins and power points are completely free and are easy to obtain).
Level Costs (in-game currency)
Level 1 - All characters/brawlers start at this level
Level 2 - 20 Power Points + 20 Coins
Level 3 - 30 Power Points + 35 Coins
Level 4 - 50 Power Points + 75 Coins
Level 5 - 80 Power Points + 140 Coins
Level 6 - 130 Power Points + 290 Coins
Level 7 - 210 Power Points + 480 Coins (Gadgets are now available in boxes)
Level 8 - 340 Power Points + 800 Coins
Level 9 - 550 Power Points + 1250 Coins
Level 10 - After reaching Level 9 a thing called Star Powers are available from boxes, obtaining one will get your brawler to Level 10.
Total Costs - 1410 Power Points + 3090 Coins.

I see lots of reviews talking about consumerism...just saying, either you don't tell your kids a password that might help them find a way to buy things in-game, or go to the app settings and turn in-app purchases off (you can try pressing all over the shop and nothing will happen).

I also see some reviews talking about violence. The game is getting constant updates, and in those updates they remodel some characters (Brawlers) to look more cartoonish. The game has already been good visually and all they have done is make it better for kids, when Characters (Brawlers) get killed they don't leave blood, they instead leave something called elixir. I think parents have to pay more attention, take mine for example. they would look at the game and read some reviews that are sorted by most relevant. they would also take a look at total rating and if its good enough they go watch some game play. If the game play looked good enough in every way they can find they would let us play the game (me and my siblings).

Now for the people who say its not safe for privacy. The Brawl Stars developer team has implemented lots of ways to protect younger kids. Examples:
Team Chat. When you are playing with someone in a team that you don't know in real life, you can then go to the top right corner and click the button right beside the three bars. There should be two options that you can toggle On and Off one of which is a "Mute Text Chat" button (now when you play with a stranger they can't say anything that can offend or find out information about your kid).
Clubs/Clans. Inside of clubs the developer added a feature when someone starts the game. It ask for an age make sure your kid puts their real age! This way, your kid cant join any clubs that aren't marked as family friendly. Family friendly mode censors lots of words that can potentially be bad for your kid (trust me when I say lots of words get censored).

There is no form of swearing in the entire game

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Ease of Play
Teen, 15 years old Written byTheman9326 August 7, 2020

Really Good game

Brawl Stars is a good game for kids. Everything is animated, with persistent violence but with a low impact.. There’s now blood so is not scary and every chat feature from the game is censored. There are a lot of in-game purchases, but you can advance through the game without buying them.

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Ease of Play
Kid, 10 years old September 29, 2019

I always play this game. If you start playing, you can’t stop

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old August 5, 2019

Highly Underrated

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byFrancesco C April 8, 2019

Beatiful game with small violence

This game is cartoon style game where the violence is hided by the cartoon textures, so is also adapt for kids. Sometimes the game wants to make you spent money, but all things you can get with money you can also get without by playing more.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byDaily Fibber April 8, 2021

Let me explain

Brawl stars is an online (mobile) shooting game where the player (your kid) will control a "brawler" a brawler is a character which can move, shoot, and emote(send emoticons). There is no blood, gore, perverted elements, or political issues in the game, violence is kept to a minimum and being toxic or rude is practically impossible, also, all Supercell games have NO ADS meaning no harmful or malicious content will reach your kids.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 15 years old Written byBruhGang69 January 7, 2021

Bruh its very good

So, i saw many reviews of parents acting like the game is so violent bruh HOW IS IT VIOLENT. Anyways, ive been playing for 7 months and i admit you might want some gems to progress faster but the game is still fun. im mainly free to play and i am already at 20.4K trophies and i am almost maxing out my account. You dont need to pay much to max an account. also people talk about tha it has a lot of swearing. DARN U PEOPLE THERES AN OPTION TO MUTE CHAT. Like bruh there are many solutions and you dont have to join a club. If you dont wanna talk to strangers JUST DONT TALK. like its not like ur forced to. ina nutshell: brawl stars is a fun game which is free to play and it has a lot of safety options and you can progress very fast without paying. Parents, cmon yaal are exaggerating. This game is very kid friendly and its so simple to play, and has safety options. Now think: Which is more violent: Call of duty or brawl stars?? exactly. people say call of duty of for like 14+ and i saw some reviews that parents say brawl stars is for 16+ LIKE dude you dont need money and its safe. i want yaal to apologize to your kids for exaggerating because brawl stars is safe.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 13 years old Written byii_Cringley January 31, 2020

People calm down! I can handle this.

ALRIGHT LISTEN UP KIDS (and parents). This Game is the Best game. I've been playing for 1 year and It's very easy to play. For the people saying there is "blood". There is no blood. If you say there's blood then you clearly haven't even played the game. All i see when a brawler dies is purple elixir. Wow that's definitely blood -_- This game is so easy to play lmao

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Ease of Play
Kid, 11 years old July 4, 2020

This Games design sucks

The game is basically "Pay to win" (You can spend real money to be better than other players) Which makes the game unfair. New players who are starting out will find the game to be quite challenging to get more "trophies".
Where as some people just spend money just to get these "trophies" and unlock better characters.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byMORTIS BRAWL STARS June 29, 2020

Its fun

Best game ever . this is not like the other battle royale games. no blood, pretty much cartoony. but it's a bit addictive thats it!

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Ease of Play
Teen, 13 years old Written byMr. Awesome 365 February 21, 2019

Ok shooter game that gets boring after a while

Brawl Stars is a game developed be the game compony Supercell which has also produced other games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.
A lot of characters have guns that they shoot other characters with but it is very cartoonish. Supercell said that they did not give all the characters guns because they did not want the game to be too violent. However, the object of the game is still to kill other players and is something that may be a concern for some parents. There is no blood but characters let out a grunt/yell when they die. They game got boring pretty fast. There are also "clubs" that players can join where they can talk to people they don't know. This is the reason I gave this game a 11+ rating. Unfortunately it is very easy for young kids to get into a club and speak to people they don't know who may have bad intentions. The game also has in app purchases and kids may be tempted to buy them. Overall the game is a shooter game with minimal violence. If you think your kid can handle themselves in the online gaming world and resit the temptation of using your credit card to buy expensive in game packs, then the game should be okay for them.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byUnbolted September 30, 2021

The greatest game I have ever played

I really enjoy this game and I play it everyday, it's so addictive. The game offers lots of Gamemodes, so it's not just stuck to one game, and they slowly add more of these, so you really can never get bored. They have lots of unique and fun to play characters, and unique abilities to every character into it. The graphics is something you don't see in many games, the outline is apart of the art style of the game. They do frequent updates every 1-2 months so it's constantly evolving, and it always gives you a reason to play thanks to Brawl Pass and Trophy Road, where you get rewarded items if you play the game or do certain objectives, and that's how you get the characters, and the fun part is getting the characters because it's out if luck, and knowing the more rarer the character is (Legendary is the rarest), the more happy you feel, and it's such a good feeling unlocking a Brawler. You can also play with your friends, so it's not something you have to play alone with, and you can make places called "Clubs" where you can chat and talk to your friends which is just great. I really do think you should give this game a shot, it's just generally, fun! I used to feel really down, and this game actually made me feel a little happier.

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