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Unoriginal but fun cooking and strategy game.
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Adult Written byLisa B. March 13, 2017

Stingy Casino

It was down to one hour for a challenge and I needed diamonds to upgrade. I spent my entire weekend trying to win and nearly $100,000 at the casino and I haven't been given diamonds for days. I am so disappointed I am deleting this app for good and never recommending it again. The stingy casino takes away all the fun. Funny, won't let me submit the review. Hmmm
Adult Written bymiraleb w. March 19, 2017

this is not okay

In general, I liked the game, but I wanted to get free gems and even though i sent an invitation to my boyfriend for the game, it didn't give me my gems :-( im not rich ok i just wanted free gems.

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Ease of play
Adult Written byCheryl S. July 7, 2017


The game retrieves data and if you don't buy coins or gems, you cannot earn them. Using the casino should allow you to earn gems from the coins you earned. The more restaurants and levels you play, the least likely you can earn gems. The creators want you to buy the gems and I prefer to earn them. There shouldn't be withholding the gems, just because I won't pay for them. I have spent over 50000 coins at one time without any results. Bad showmanship.

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Educator Written byDarene Woodard E. July 22, 2017

Game booted me out

Game booted me out after paying $100's dollars to play and did NOT restore my monies nor my GEMS I paid for & I lost my 1st place title in the tournament!
Adult Written byAmb B. January 1, 2017

Great game if the game developers could keep up!

This is fun and addictive. But, I have finished the game, been waiting for months to have them add more restaurants.... I've put a lot of time and effort into playing this... Get on the ball nordcurrent.

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Ease of play
Adult Written byJulie M. February 7, 2018

A money making racket

A fun game when I first played it a few years ago but when I picked it up again more recently, discovered it has turned into a money making racket. Can't progress very far without spending a lot of money - have decided it's cheaper to buy a game for a Xbox or PS console! Plus it becomes very repetitive - the cuisine changes but nothing else, except for them making it almost impossible to progress without spending money. Unfortunately very little incentive to keep going and the latest change from getting 2 gems every day to 2 gems a week has sealed the deal for me. My cooking days are over.

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Adult Written byTracy B. February 28, 2017

Addictive and very fun. Great game for memory skills, as well as, concentration and patience. I feel this is an excellent game for all ages.

Great for children in learning.

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Ease of play
Adult Written byLisa L. December 2, 2017

Starter gambling concerns

I heard my kids discussing the game and mentioning gambling. I didn't like the sound of it, so I had my son show me the game. It all looks pretty harmless, until I saw the slot machine and gambling aspects. I am not okay with a children's app introducing my kids to Vegas'style gambling. To me this is the equivalent of YouTube 'starter porn' that features naughty cartoon characters with boners (yes, something like this was accessed by a friend of my son's and shown to kids at a recent gathering), or cigarette ads that glamorize smoking. In and of itself, it seems innocuous, but over time, it might have damaging effects on kids with addictive personalities. I think your ratings should include Gambling as one of the concerns other families should know about.
Educator Written byNadia N. March 15, 2017

Really Fun and Addictive but Expensive

This game is really fun to play and is addictive, but if you want to be able to progress in the game, you have to spend money on "gems".

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Adult Written byBowman B. February 10, 2018

Boosts Moral but Addicting

This helps me pass the time and it has a mini casino which is fun too. They updated for Valentine's and boosted the decorations on cooking fevers customers!
Adult Written byShiaira J. January 15, 2018
Fun game. Easy instructions. Kinda get to a stoping point without gems. There is the option to buy some but the option does not work. It will continously load and freeze until you end up backing out of the app.

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Ease of play
Adult Written byJo-Ann L. October 10, 2016

Great On-line game, but expensive to achieve a positive outcome.

This game is educational for children. However, to achieve a positive outcome one must spend an substantial amount of money to achieve a positive outcome which children have no access to. Participating in the Cooking Fever "Challenge" only comes to a positive outcome after a substantial amount is contributed to the game. I personally will never participate in a Cooking Fever "Challenge" series again. On a positive note the game is still fun.

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Ease of play