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Fun Fortnite clone in mobile battle royale game format.
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Adult Written byaSmartParent May 3, 2019

Fortnite rip off has no violence!

This is ok for anyone! There are fake looking guns that are shot at other players and any players who runs out of health literally floats away with a balloon! I think that it is crazy that this game is 13+ on common sense!
-All the violence looks fake, and the guns.
-When the players run out of health they literally float away with a balloon, and to make THAT MORE TAME they wave before they float away in a kind way!
Adult Written byxhuydhdhdjhd December 7, 2020



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Ease of Play
Adult Written byGOLDENAPPLE77- August 13, 2020

Safe and FUN

For those that say it is a Fortnite ripoff it is not . Did u know that Fortnite actually copies dance moves idea from 2016 Uncharted 4: online and the new cars update was inspired from Creative Destruction??!! In your case then we must also say that PUB-G is a C.O.D ripoff as well right? Game is not violent and when ur player dies he goes up in a balloon that too waving. Game supports low-end devices and takes up less space than Fortnite. Most pros use default skins so it wont really tempt u to spend. You can turn off the mic if u want to by just tapping the mic logo.

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Adult Written by1dragonclaw February 18, 2019

2 words. No refunds

The game is alright except the fact that there are a lot of glitches, bugs, bots, and pay to get items. There is a little bit of a tutorial for in game, but when it comes to the menu? Forget it. The game also has an absolute 0 refund policy, they don't care if your 12 year old left the game on, and your 2 year old found the mouse and accidentally bought something. Their refund policy is "no refunds"

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Adult Written byTntSpy October 19, 2018

Really fun

Competitive shooter, not much violence, graphics are not best but really great gameplay. 10/10

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byHappyToast October 6, 2018

Glitchy Disaster

Glitchy, terrible, and doesn't work properly. It's the best Fortnite rip-off we have been given, but it's still ABYSMAL by good game standards.

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Violence & scariness