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This can be a fun game, but highly unstable. BEWARE of spending hard earned cash on keys. I purchased $75 worth of silver and bronze keys. I collected the silver keys and redeemed them. However, the prizes I received disappeared. The 1200 bronze keys were not redeemed and they disappeared. Tech support states that they were redeemed properly when in fact they were not redeemed. I can't prove otherwise. So, they stole my money and basically accused me of lying. What do you expect from a highly unstable game. WiFi is sketchy at best. Game locks up far too many times. Game shuts down and kicks you out to your home screen. Inability to play across devices without syncing problems. Poor support; they never fixed any of the many problems I had experienced. Always told to wait for the update. Or, we're working on it. I had enough and deleted the game. I can't stress enough to beware spending real cash. There is a very real possibility it will be stolen. Their servers are highly unreliable. Again....BEWARE!

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