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age 16+

give me the game now on chromebook.

love it.
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age 8+

Good drag racing game, but too much microtransactions.

CSR Racing is the most impressive drag racing game on the mobile market. It has great detailed tracks, and a common illegal Street racing campaign. Language isn't present, but some racers threaten you after, or before a race. Sexuality is very mild, some female characters wear revealing outfits, your agent calls you "babe".

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Easy to play/use
Too much consumerism
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age 6+

Pushing for Purchases

This seemed to be a fun racing game at first. But when you advanced along the game, they always ask you to purchase in-game credits, which costs real money. Younger kids might be purchasing in-game currency and not know that it charges their parent's account. There is some trash-talking from the characters that also pushes the user into making in-app purchases. I wouldn't recommend this app as there are better drag racing games out there.

This title has:

Too much consumerism
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