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age 8+

Good values but bad making. (sorry dhar man fans)

positive and stuff but I cant rate it good relating that it was made by a youtuber not a proffesional. Although they try to ''change lives'' by saying alot of things about being what you are is fine. Still has stereotypes like when kids run away from home its because the "husband" get drunk. Of course this is seen really basicly. The stage is set in the same place and gets boring alot, its always the same cast, same lessons, wich I respect but they don't have to show it a hundred times over again like "never judge a book by its cover" is using so many times and they don't think of anything new. I respect the anti-bullying but seriously... not the best AT ALL.
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age 18+


Love the Dhar Mann Studios so much not just for its entertaining videos but because of its amazing life lessons. Highly recommended for everyone!

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Easy to play/use
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age 6+


I love the good lessons and values they are teaching.

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Educational value
Great messages
age 13+

It’s meh..

Sometimes it’s entertaining, other times it’s cringey and too much cliches for “life lessons.” They recycle the same ideas over and over again and the acting is tacky and over exaggerated. For instance, no one notices way too minor details for example on one episode, you have a caterer who is mean and she helps run a gender reveal party. At the end, the “parents” said to her “Hey that is pink dust you have on your forehead” etc And one episode where a girl throws a party at a home she is house sitting or babysitting and she “replaces” oranges brought by a neighbor from her garden (or maybe it’s another episode about the oranges) and the homeowners “noticed” they were not the same oranges. Who notices these things in real life?? The adults kinda annoy me with their strictness, temper and condescending tones with the main characters of the episodes (yes even the adults who react to when the kid is at fault that it makes me kinda hate the adult characters whether they are the teacher or parents. In other words, the adults become condescending and too strict that it makes me really hate their character because they come across as too controlling.). I also hated some of the older episodes where the nice characters are maltreated by others and they don’t have a backbone and stand up for themselves but continue to allow others to mistreat them. I also do not like how Dhar Mann recreates movies such as Mrs Doubtfire and Home Alone. Leave those movies alone for crying out loud they’re classics. The cliches are the ones to cringe at the most and what’s also irritating is the unrealistic plot lines and how everything seems to lead to success one way or another when in reality, it may not always be the case. The thumbnails are ridiculous as well for instance going back to the gender reveal episode, the thumbnail features the “expecting mother” with her mouth gaped open and her eyes crossed and it looks STUPID! Another features an angry man with a knife.
age 15+

Amazing lessons for teens and up.

Since some of Dhar Mann's content can be very confusing for some kids, this is best for mid-teens and up. There was one video, specifically Tiktok famous woman gets kicked out of bar, has one girl using a use of "prick". Some other videos include couples laying in bed together. Others also show people getting drunk and falling over. There is sometimes advertising for Dhar Mann merchandise.

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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 9+

Dhar Mann Review

These videos might seem a bit hokey, but my son and I enjoy watching them. They provide brief inspirational messages and life insights and you will need to watch them if you need s pick-me-up. Whether someone who finds himself with the shoe on the other foot at the end or someone who learns that they treated someone wrongly, these are good lessons to watch.