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age 16+

Very stylish "gatcha" game with fully uncensored chat

This is a "gatcha" game, a style of game designed to get you to "pull" (like a slot machine) at chances to win more powerful characters ("pay to win"). Like all gatcha games, you can play without spending to very, very slowly get more characters, or spend money to speed it up. The style and quality of the game are AAA-level, especially the music; this is from one of the top three gaming companies in China. The "gameplay" is a turn-based, team battle game, against computer opponents (that are sometimes generated from other players, but it is not real-time battling). The violence in this game is extremely minimal/cartoonish, and the scripted cursing is "hell" at worst. There is at least one song on the soundtrack with strong lyrics, but it is easy to miss, and the music can be disabled. There are a couple of very sexualized character designs, but honestly this game has much more body/character diversity than similar games in this genre. From a typical "Common Sense Media" perspective, this game is probably an 8+. But I gave it a much higher rating because of these two things: 1. The chat is 100% uncensored. Maybe it was in the past, but it is no more. This means literally anything and everything in the chat, including any words or topics. Crucially: chat cannot be disabled, and it's even required to get some of the characters. You can stop it from spamming your screen, but it is one tap away at all times. 2. This game is 100% about getting you to gamble. All gatcha games are. People - and world governments - are currently still arguing about the definition of "loot box" and "gambling" when it comes to these games, but you should know that this game is part of a multi-trillion-dollar industry designed to get you to spend as much money as possible, and it is extremely good at it. Normal "in app purchase" reservations apply, but gatcha games go further than that; gambling is arguably the core mechanic.