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Don't Let The Pigeon Run This App!

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You have no idea how much I used this as kid

When I was younger, I loved this app so much and would make stories on it all the time.

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It Was Fun! (KG reviews)

Our KG students have shared the following reasons for their 5-star reviews: -I liked drawing the pigun ulot -It is fone I love wen I got to drowl -driing the pig -like to calr -I got to make my ont story it was fun. -because we got to do fun thing to be the ilustratr -I liket it because i got to rit -I like this app because it is faney -Because it is silly wan you sacke him -I like is because I Gat to wit. -It was fun when I drawed pigeon because I traced pigeon -beceuse it is funy and fun -because in was so fune -it was fun.
age 5+

I liked this app

OE Students' reasons for their 5-star ratings: -We got to trase and got to grawe (draw) -I like it because you get to draw! -I like to play with pigin! -I like this app because it sed (student names here) -I like this app because i can shac pijin -He was funy -I like this app because it sed don't let the pigin wayer perpill under pans. -it was fun to hak (shake) the pijin -I like the books and shakinge the pijin was osam and it wes fene and I likt jroling the pijin