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Adult Written byqegyducuv June 30, 2020

It’s a dress up game. Be careful of the GLMM

It’s a PG game thats completely fine. There is no way to communicate in the app with strangers so it’s good in that way.
I see no problem with it other then the users. Some people make “13+” videos or “gacha heat” making edits and drawing over the characters making them look lewd. Carefully watch the videos they watch, as some people make videos with 14+ topics. The app itself is a innocent game, where you make a character, interacte with NPCs, play mini games and create stories.

In short: Good app, bad community.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byEpik January 22, 2020

Awesome app that stimulate creativity

My daughter has been using Gacha for a couple years, now aged 12 and just loves it. Yes, it not exactly intuitive but that’s part of the learning process, many apps aren’t intuitive but you learn how to used it anyways and the next app as a result is easier to learn etc...

Because of this app, my daughter has developed an aspiration to be a graphic artist, the pre built content has given her the confidence to create content while her drawing skills grow; learning to draw takes time and needs motivation, Gacha floats her boat!

Negative side to Gacha’s popularity; there are a lot of twisted people on this planet, much like a knife, it can be used to make wonderful food or terrible things and younger kids might not be able to make the right choice over what they watch on YouTube.

I was aware of this from the time I agreed to install it on her iPad as we don’t restrict Youtube. We had an open and honest conversation about how twisted and maladjusted people can be for YouTube content, the deal we agreed on, she was to tell me about any inappropriate content so we could discuss the content rationally; I’ve had discussion ranging from drugs to self harm and while uncomfortable at first, I’m now glad this is happening as it’s helping me, help her to be a more balanced young adult before she leaves home when I won’t be able to help her as life on a daily basis throws stuff at her...

If you are an open discussion parent this is a great tool that is supper fun and as a way to have difficult conversations they would never ask about if they come up at school, but through Gacha, it’s OK to talk about these teen issues... If on the other hand the idea of talking about how babies are made turns you green - Stay clear of Gacha as they will want to watch what other people have created with Gacha on YouTube.

A tool in its self is not bad, how we as humans choose to use it defines outcome.
Adult Written byAn0nymous June 11, 2020

It’s OK.

This app is OK for children in my opinion. It’s just the community. The only problems is that the community is toxic, and some of the content made from this game is disgusting.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byMikudayo_K September 23, 2020

Game itself is okay, community is not

- Promotes jobs such as video editing, fashion and graphic design
- easy to play
- Community for Gacha life on platforms such as Youtube can be inappropriate
- Game has inappropriate terms such as "Sadist"
- has a reference to a shota/paedophilic hentai
- has a 9/11 joke
- can make children too obsessive of the game

Gacha life is a dress up game that is somewhat friendly. While the game itself contains some inappropriate terms, it's overall a fun relaxing game to play.

However, you should be highly aware of what pops up when you search up Gacha life on the internet. A minority of "Gachatubers" (Youtubers that post skits and videos using Gacha life) tend to make very inappropriate content with Gacha life. Themes of these videos can go from self harm to sex and drugs. This issue has been put in the spotlight several times, yet no matter what happens people can still edit Gacha life characters enough to create dirty content.

I have also been aware of a few cases of predators using Gacha life characters to lure in children. A story about a girl being told to send a picture of her topless to a Gacha life themed group chat has been spreading around.

The developer of Gacha life (Luni) has issued an update on Android users and Window users which remove some of these harmful objects from the game, such as skinned coloured clothing (Skinned colour clothing is used to make the characters look naked), and possibly inappropriate terms and items. Unfortunately, IOS users were not given this update.

(The inappropriate content seems to be made from people of all ages, from 7 years old up to early 20s)

Overall, the game is fine. Just be careful around what your kid watches that is Gacha life related.

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byVioletblues May 26, 2020

This app is what you child makes it

Dear this community,
I would like to say you NEED to watch what your child is making in the app. My 7 & 8 year old girls were playing this game, my 6 year old was watching them play, she later came out of her & my 6 year olds room (they share one) and said her 7 year old sister was very sad, I rushed into her room and saw she had been reading the reviews for this game, she was upset that the community was saying this game is full of s*x, mu*d*r and p*rn. She ask me “do you think it’s full of those things?” I replied with “of course not, I had this game when I was younger”. All I need to say is It’s not full of those nasty things my daughter described, She and her sisters love this game, but are brought down by all these nasty reviews full of lies and mean comments, JUST STOP MAKING P*RN FROM THIS APP!!
Please and thank you : Violetblues

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byAmandaB88 March 1, 2020

Gacha Life is okay!

This is a great game and my children love it! I know tons of parents are very worried, but you don't have to be worried as much now as you did before. Gacha Life used to have a chat feature which was the most concerning part for me, but Lunime removed this feature and other things that can be sexually suggestive. Now there is some times where Lunime forgot to remove some suggestive content but it's only rarely seen. Now there is always going to be some sexual content ( especially on youtube ) but my children don't watch Gacha Life videos, they just play the game. I saw a parent write a review about it containing gambling but that is not true at all! In Gacha Life you are able to play games to earn gems, with those gems you are able to earn items to give gifts to NPCs. How is that gambling? Almost every game has a currency system where you buy stuff. My 5 and 8 year olds love it so much and they play it almost everyday, and most of the times I watch them play it and have never seen any real sexual or inappropriate content. There are guns and knifes but my kids don't ever use those items for their characters. So basically Gacha Life is only inappropriate if you make it inappropriate.

In conclusion Gacha Life is pretty safe for kids. The only main exception is the videos made with it and the weapons.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byAshie_lovley September 26, 2019

I love it for my kids and little siblings

I love too see my kids and siblings play this game I think it’s wonderful so amazing..I can’t wait to see the update!!!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byWinstonburton5 August 24, 2019

okay but...

People on youtube make innapropiate videos about it the only thing is the charecters bad words do not get censored out

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Adult Written byZeBlueHairedFish May 28, 2020

Its not all bad!

This game is for all ages! If you keep a eye on your little one then this game is a friendly and safe game. If you kid does bad things then it might be the parenting not saying it to all the parents i'm just saying if your kid is doing bad thing the n the kid must of done it before they even started playing. And not all the players do bad or depressing content . so please do not hate on this game I will be very upset if it was pulled.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byGacha-Eclipse December 10, 2019

Listen to this please!

So all of the people saying it's sexual and all of that, It's not sexual unless the kids make it that way and my daughter was watching a gay series and it had in the tittle "+18" Now even though it said that she skipped those parts on youtube like it said in the description. The creator Luni did not want an of the "community" become inappropriate. I enjoy my daughter making characters on the app and everything that it gives for them to do! But those complaining its inappropriate it's your children putting them that way or creating them that way. Why can't any of you see that my daughter plays it everyday and has no problem and my son started playing it recently too. We have no problem with the game at all! In the section on the last page though I have curiosity why it says Sadist in the section of personality... Our family has a great time with the game anyway! In the chat that it had didn't have a lot of swearing but you can swear on any of the text icons (Not in Chat), but I make sure my kids don't do that.
Adult Written byFavorite way June 28, 2020

It's not the apps fault

It's not the app that's bad it the people who use it for no good like some YouTube videos the game is great and it helps bordom

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byDarkmoon51 April 19, 2020
Adult Written byCjcool11 January 24, 2020
Adult Written byJuliana M. October 28, 2019


My 9yo kid was playing this game, I decided when she was asleep, I am gonna see what she is doing. When I did that, It was great! I thought this game was a bad game but I was wrong! Don't listen to those 1 stars! This is for kids!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bytaina_thomas146 October 25, 2020

Gacha life gets too much negative, its not the software, its the kid. Overall really great game!

My daughter started using gacha life, as many of her friends had it. A few days later, I saw some of the negative reviews and decided to take a closer look. I really think it just depends on how your kid decides to use the software, and if they ask you, you should let them. Just ask them to show you what they make. My daugter showed me her skit, which she was very happy with, and I thought it was a really nice creative activity, as she was making a really nice story. I then decided to look on youtube for 'gacha life GLMMS' and what I found was that it really depends on what people want to make. I found several very cute and fun other GLMMS but there were some which were not good. So overall, get it as it is really fun, but watch your child.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byNonnie93 October 23, 2020

Do you want to be a Masochist?

Asking children to give their characters personality types like this or flirty or jealous is not setting them up for success. Big fat nope from me. Especially because you see these cute little characters in poses like you would see from a sexy photo shoot.
Adult Written bygachagirl October 23, 2020

An amazing game

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMaxinators345 October 10, 2020

Gatcha life rating


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Ease of Play
Adult Written byRainbow string October 6, 2020

Pretty bad game

this game is good overall but the community is to toxic for children to handle along with the bad words and heats in GLMM. terrible for watching, good for playing, just watch out for the swearing and the heat-unholy moments.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byFantasydeath October 5, 2020

I enjoy the game

I enjoy making pastel characters but I don’t enjoy how you allow little kids download this game because there’s always sexual, suicidal stories. For me I make the story of my life so suicidal topics is ok if it’s about me but this shouldn’t be for kids

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Sexy stuff