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Shallow faux ghost-tracker has ads, creative community.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byNstates July 8, 2019

Need tonknow


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Ease of Play
Teen, 16 years old Written byIshyagurlspongeybob July 4, 2019

Silly at first but then terrifying

It was ok at first I met this ghost she was a nice spirit her name was Carrie and then everysingle gost after was a demon I left everyone I saw one but then I decided to stay after a while so I had a conversation with the demon I asked if it was nice it said “maybe, Unicorn.” I have unicorn in my Apple ID name so I was creeped out then I asked if it would hurt me it said “no” but Then I asked can I help you it LITERALLY SAID “gimme your soul!” And I quote this I WANT ANSWERS IF THIS IS A REAL GAME WHERE REAL GHOSTS ARE TALKING TO ME OR IF ITS JUST A PRANK!!!
The real creepy thing was that after I deleted the gam I felt a bunch of chills and I was in a haunted town at the time so I don’t know but I am not sleeping ever again!!!!

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byEmmaTh08 March 4, 2019

Good but scary

I played this yesterday, and at first everything was fun. There was a friendly spirit near me and I asked it funny questions. After a while, it said there was a demon next to me. I asked if it would hurt me, and it said no, which didn't scare me. Then, I asked why it was here, and all it said was "Must Escape." I was pretty scared, but not that much. I asked it, why do I have to escape, and again, it only replied with two words, and said "Run Now." I was scared now, but I didn't want to close the app yet. I asked it one more time, "Who is trying to hurt me?" and it said "Lucifer." After that, I deleted the app, and didn't get any sleep that night.

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Ease of Play