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Fun arcade golf game tees up gameplay on its own.
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Adult Written byLarryoller March 15, 2019

Game is biased

I have personally been playing this game for four months . I have seen the other people playing in it favors anyone who pays any money to buy special gear . It does not favor the free players that have skill.
Adult Written byED12 July 14, 2019

Game is rigged

I have play many games and there in absolutely a pattern of cheating by the company. I would recommend find a game that is fair.

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Adult Written byDoepies April 4, 2019

It is the most unfair game Ive ever played

I started playing this game and ive been hooked. However, after going broke once i decided to do bankroll management. I finally worked my way up. Now one thing that really pisses me off is that ive been playing for a month in tour 7 and 8. i ave not yet received any of the tour 7 clubs but im being matched against players who have all of the tour 7 clubs. I cant beat them purely on better clubs. Distance and backspin is key. This game forces you to lose your mind and spend money. I will not spend money on this and wold rather quit altogether

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Adult Written byJustincase123 March 20, 2019


You don’t plan on spending money! Don’t waiste your time ! It will shoot on its own, blow ball to the left when wind is to the right ! Steals coins , glitches out ! Not enough time to shoot! Puts you against bots where u can’t win ! There’s to much to say and not enough room !
Day 2 still haven’t heard from customer service about getting my coins back they took ! Lost around 400,000 coins because game is glitching! They will not respond back !
Adult Written byMberreiar February 6, 2019

It's almost like a scam

Fun game but very unfair, especially when you spend money with the company. I've played 3000 + games and what just happened to me makes me never want to play this again. Something occurred while i was in a tournament it would not stop loading I was doing very well. It booted me I lost a point and the hole I was on, Plus 11,000 coins at that. It's 10,000 to get in and if you lose you lose a thousand. They shouldn't take away any points from you they should just take away the hole. That's why they only have 3 stars. Don't play this and if u do just use their free coins u get every 3 hours.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bybobcatcanyon August 16, 2019

Do not waste your money

This game starts out playing competitive, very addicting. After you spend some money to buy upgrades it gets progressively worse. They use an algorithm that makes you spend more and more money. By the time you hit 500 trophies you lose 10 games for one you win. Thus trying to extort more money just to try and keep up. I played for my first week and took second place in the weekly tournament. The rewards would have been very helpful but I did not receive them. I contacted their support line and they wanted date, time, who I was playing, and many more irrelevant questions. I answered them and still did not receive the second place chest nor any other answer. Game is fun but quickly turns into theft.
Adult Written bycloudshigh July 20, 2019

Could be a great game, but...

When the game is based on skill, it is a great game and is lots of fun. However, most of the time, the game is based on chance due to the overt manipulation of the outcome by the game developers. Let me give you a few examples that occur far too often to be random.

1) My ball goes through the trees and is knocked down to the ground. My opponent goes through the same trees and sails on through as if the trees didn't exist.
2) My opponent shoots for the hole and has wind of 4.5 directly on-line with the hole. I shoot for the same hole and the wind is 9.5 at 90 degrees to the hole. I have an infinitely more difficult shot to make.
3) I am paired up with an opponent with 1,500,000,000 in earnings and 11,000 games played, while I have 3,000,000 in earnings and 700 games played. Based on his/her club and ball availability and skill level, I have lost the game even before the first ball is hit.
4) My opponent is not a "live" player (and is either a bot or a replay of a previous live game). The developers can then choose before play begins how good my opponent is based on the known outcome.

I could go on and on...

If you play the game, enjoy while you can and then move on when you notice that the manipulation has begun.
Adult Written byRodrick49 July 17, 2019

A suckers game. Shots are computer driven, not 100% player controlled.

No matter how much you practice, the algorithm decides who will win. It’s about 90% player and 10% the computer. Just enough to control if you win or not. Save your time and money.

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Adult Written byMaverick222 June 16, 2019

Awful customer care

The game itself is good. Until something goes wrong.. a freeze out or error. They will blame your wifi even when its perfect. And u wont get compensated. Horrible workers. Avoid
Adult Written byspartacus.xl99 July 14, 2019

nice game but....

game is quite fun to play. Only downsides are bad controls. Bad viewangles. If you want to compete with better players you need to pay for gems to buy better balls. You can buy every week chests ranging from 5.99 to 109 euros. A chest contains special balls gems en some credits. With 5.99 u get a chest with around 10 balls 500 gems. Competitive balls cost 180gems for 10 balls. So u could buy like 25 balls with the gems.
Further the time playing on a mobile phone its very hard to setup precise shots and the game only gives you something like 30 secs to make the shot. Its just totally impossible as you need to look for the best route then you want to hit a precise shot also need to adjust according to wind. So you may easily exceed the time. when u exceed time u lost your turn and surely lose the game. There is also no practice mode which is really strange.
viewing angle is very poor so u can not see how your ball is bouncing on the hole.
Anyways many things to make you easily to lose a game.
I feel this game is made to easily lose game so it forced you to buy more gems and credits. This is the most expensive game ive ever played. If you are wanting to become a competitive player be ready to spend 100s of euros or dollars
Another thing i dislike is there is no option to communicate with opponent just a few fixed lines available.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bynbarrett24 May 17, 2019

Won't Be Good Unless You Spend Lots Of $$$$$$$

This game started off great for those who loved the old PGA/Tiger Woods video game franchise. However the allure quickly faded as I encountered slow load times, in match freezing (resulting in forfeit), overheated mobile device, and inconsistent game dynamics.

The customer support team is very quick to give themselves a pass on any and all issues. After about 20 emails and several hours of conversation with customer support, I was told that it was either "something new to them" or some ridiculous justification for every single flaw. This was evident when they throw beginners into match play with others that have months or years of experience. Unfair match play was one of few things they acknowledged, yet I was told that they will randomly pair anyone playing a specific course together regardless of level.

Overall this game will always be dominated by those who pour literal funds into their profile. Rather you have played for a day or a year, you can dominate if you are willing to dump several hundred dollars into elite clubs. If you are more conservative and just want a game to play to pass time or for fun, I'd advise to look elsewhere.

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Adult Written byFletcherRFletcher April 7, 2019

Predetermined Nonsense

Everyone i play with feels the same, computer has picked winner beforehand. Nothing else makes sense. I have played a lot and its the only reasonable explanation. Also you get disconnected a lot and staff refuses to reimburse you any losings. Hard enough to build up money without software shafting you. Also on the high dollar courses the one shot after a draw is childish. Give a second hole then one shot at least. Otherwise game is fun. Thanx.
Adult Written byCharles2970 March 6, 2019

Ridiculous garbage

This game is ridiculous. Once you start getting high in the trophies the game will make sure that you lose several times in a row. There will be times when you have a perfect shot from the tee and it will go into the rough, or you are in the middle of the Fairway and your shot to the green will end up in a pit. It is absolutely ridiculous. Do not waste your time on this game!
Adult Written bySkinz March 2, 2019


Most infuriating game I've ever played, do not spend a cent on this! as soon as you do, they make sure you loose, completely inaccurate shots, I'm pretty sure they use programmed players, or matches that already happened with your opponent making amazing shots! Don't waste your time! Also the most unhelpful and Stingy service guys I've ever talked to!
Adult Written byGolfbum55 February 22, 2019

B. S.

I just won in a shootout but the dicks still took my coin. Another time I shot with 1 second to go and right before it bounced on the fairway it said time expired. WTF
Adult Written byGuySmiley September 24, 2021

To all the whiners

So many complaints about the game being rigged unless you pay…sad. I don’t pay a dime for anything on this game, I have a 64% win rate and play all the way up to tour 11 (out of 12). It has nothing to do with paying, it’s about understanding game mechanics, wind, elevation, club stats etc. practice enough and learn the mechanics and you’ll get better. Side note, all these parents just suck at the game, why does that justify the high age rating? Stop whining because you don’t know how to win.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byTeflon Yak September 11, 2021

Too many complainers and blamers

I have been playing golf clash for nearly 2 years and I love the game.

Yes you have the choice to spend money however you can compete with the free to play balls. (Basic, Marlin, Navigator, Quasar, Katana, Titan, Kingmaker and the Berzerker).

I have never had any issues with support and they have refunded coins and balls even when I have disconnection issues. Most people rip into their support staff. Try to be polite. It works.

As for game play - the mechanics are designed that it is all about the wind effect. Learn the ring system, understand the secondary wind effect that takes place after the first bounce.

People complain about playing against replays. Well I win against live and replays. More complaints about being matched with players with higher level clubs. Biggest mistake nearly everyone makes with the game is to try and progress to quickly through the Tours without the appropriate club levels. You get matched by trophies won not skill or clubs. So if you rush through and accumulate too many trophies too early then yup you will come up against players who levelled up their clubs before moving on to a new tour.

So I say complain and blame less and work out what it is that you are doing wrong in regards to how you play the game. There are a lot of really good players who took the time to learn how the game really works.
Adult Written byDz112 June 20, 2021

Will absolutely cheat you

This game is a total scam. I recently called them out on some flaws in the game that I discovered. They responded and admitted to some of the issues I called them out on. For example: about 50% of the time you don’t play a live person. I noticed that the shots were too perfect, they get favorable equipment and favorable wind conditions, and hit near impossible shots. I assumed it was a bit because it’s not-so-cleverly disguised as a fake name and never a profile picture. Their response is that it’s a recorded game from a previous player because they can’t always guarantee a live person is available. So basically, you have to compete against someone else’s shot who might have hit an unreal shot, so the developers only save the absolute best shots and that’s the recorded shot you’re against. I kept all conversations and have written proof to their admittance.

Do not waste your time playing this, you are almost guaranteed to lose.
Adult Written bydblelung May 27, 2021


Do not spend a NICKEL on this game, It is designed for players that are willing to spend $$$$$ and lots of it..
If you start spending they will match you with far better players and push you to spend more to buy better balls in order to compete..
Play ULTIMATE GOLF Instead, this is designed by players for players
Adult Written byUserreviews May 13, 2021

The game is a joke

I have been playing this game for over 2 years and they still dont know how to play golf correctly. for ex a water shot is an extra penalty stroke but the coders are to stupid to know this. the game is a money scam, if you keep buying stuff they make sure you win all the time. if you dont the make you lose more then ever. the wind is so inaccurate that makes no sense on how to play. last but not least the tech support team is complete stupid and they use the same answers over and over. they read it from a book and think they resolved everything. honestly play another game as they turned this game into a joke. what was once a respected golf game is a not a piece of shit.