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Amazing golf app to the next level but with a few little errors.

The name says it all. This is a really good app with a lot of great details for every course in each tour and tournament, including the famous Checkpoint Challenge. Once you start the game, you'll face 3 AI players that are just way too easy to complete, whether you falter or not. The great things about this game is that it's a progression game, yet you have to risk an in-game currency, which are coins. Coins are used for upgrading clubs (example: The Extra Mile, The Sniper, etc.), tour play where you will have to make a smart decision about playing that specific tour, tournaments where you pay a desired amount for each level (Rookie, Pro, Expert and Master). But as you get through the tours, the levels get harder. You won't be able to see your opponent's spin for their first shot in Tour 6 or above, or playing in Expert/Master division in tournaments. This game contains gambling, by risking coins and if you lose a game, you simply lose a chunk of your bankroll. To be safe, you need over ten times the entry fee for each tour and the bare minimum increases for the upper tours. Clubs are very important to bring the correct ones for each course, and their desired stats. Without a Down-In-One, you'll be fine without using it once. Unfortunately, there are some clubs that take way too long to upgrade. (examples: The Apocalypse, The Castaway, etc.) You can also join clans by promoting to Rookie 1. And once you start chatting with your clan mates, there will be a chat filter for any foul language detected. Unfortunately, the chat filter is currently bugged which has f-bombs and other weird language shown in the chat. There is another message that has foul language and it's super rare nowadays. That message was introduced before Season 29, so it's pretty old. Once you get to the middle tours, you'll find people that know all of the courses and may have better clubs than you. (example: you have an Extra Mile 6 but your opponent has a Thor's Hammer 8) Using special balls are very important once you hit Tour 5, where if you need the sidespin it takes, use a Marlin ball. This should put you out of trouble and will cost you a few gems by purchasing one or nine. Gems are very important and you'll get up to 35 per free chest once your clan gets promoted to the Champions 100. You'll find a whack load of chests that get you cards, gems and coins and some of them get you Marlins, Navigators, Quasars, Katanas, Titans and even Kingmaker balls. Another downside of this app is players can make fun of you by doing a bad shot or getting in the hole or even losing a match. In some cases when you lose, the winner might say 'Thanks', meaning that they're thanking you for the free win. This is not something we want to see online. There are hundreds of emotes that have different characters including Golfy, Footy, Watcher, Captain Rivers and much more. Overall, a great app, but just be aware of the rare swearing in the clan chat and rare harassment in matches.

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My review of Golf Clash

I think that Golf Clash is the best golf game. The tournaments they offer are difficult, but once you do a couple, you'll start getting used to it. You can also face some challenging opponents in a 1v1 game. Clubs can be challenging to obtain, but you can get used to those as well. In my opinion, Golf Clash is a very entertaining and fun game.

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