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I prefer actual recess

I'm so sick of teachers using videos like gonoodle to substitute for actual recess, pe, creative movement, or even simply unstructured play. Kids need to socialize! Kids need to practice using their imagination and their interaction skills. Gonoodle seems like a good thing for me to use if I need to keep my kid quiet and passive in the event that I needed to make an important phone call or cook a complicated meal, but I don't see why they should need something like this at school? What about Simon Says where the kids get to take turns creating the moves? What about games where kids have to negotiate all kinds of things that they will have to negotiate as adults? I find this a form of oppression. I also think Gonoodle and other "educational" videos are simply coping mechanisms for too large of class sizes and too few teachers. Let's work on that. In the meantime, skip the videos and deal with the kids IRL.
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Go Noodle in the classroom is oppressive and a systematic way of turning kids out and turning them on to screens! During school hours children need to learn to socialize, communicate, create, experiment, and become learners. Jumping around while repeating silly and senseless songs is a way for teachers to manage children and fill time. A classroom using this cheap weak tool is a sad testament to education!
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Exactly what I was looking for

I love this site and so does my 7 year old daughter. The videos are very interactive, intelligently funny, teach important lessons and really get my daughter moving. The yoga and mindfulness videos are outstanding. We do these as a family and absolutely love them. It’s also great that her teachers use it in the classroom to reinforce certain concepts (Read with Expression is one of my favorites). One thing that amazes me about the GoNoodle content is that it is so accessable and memorable. My daughter and her friends take the dances and the songs they learned in school and at home and use them to interact with their friends in social settings, miles away from the computer. Even more, I see my daughter incorporate the yoga and mindfulness practices in her daily routine, often before bedtime to wind down. Love GoNoodle and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for safe, fun, ad free, interactive and active content!

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