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Multiplayer game makes scaring others a competitive sport.
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Adult Written byVeritasio November 3, 2020

Not for actual gamers

I played ID V now for almost two years.
Also played it when it was actually scary and harder to play... i mean.. WAY harder to play as survivor then this childish wannabe gameplay now...

But meanwhile, for 7 million $ income, what NetEase is doing with this game, it‘s simply not worth anymore. The game got trashed up by making survivors easier to win more and more but hunter way harder to control, hit and use overall...

The game lost most of it‘s scaryness and isn‘t a horror game anymore unless you are too sensitive as most kids seem to be in this game.

Overall the game mechanics are totally broken if you are an experienced gamer.
Playing as hunter isn‘t funny anymore unless you have a crazy gaming phone. Otherwise framerate drops, sudden ping jumps/laggs or other issues break your gameplay more then the already less chances to win.
The ping it is showing you is fake. Impossible it‘s true whereas one already has a high ping.

There is no EU server. Only NA and Asia.

The game is heavily survivor based.

Meanwhile these useless developers took away almost all advantages a hunter could ever make use of. Just because newcomers don‘t want to use their brains and also want to win once.

This creates a HUGE imbalance. Most of my friends quit the game so did I.

As an adul person, this community (sry) is totally garbage. Except some few friends I had. Overall it’s full of depressed, spoiled teenagers. I never was a big fan of global chats since the trash there is immense.... sorry to say all that but I NEVER recommend this game to anyone anymore.

In-game purchases for 1 skin for example are like 50-60$ only ONE.... this is simply not worth it and never I spen so much money yet those kids would die to get one of those ultra cool, fancy skins.....

Overall I give 1 star because it‘s not wirth anything to an experienced gamer, nor adult, nor educated people.

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Violence & scariness
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byPls.neft.hunter October 12, 2019

Let's raise the fairness of the game to the top

Please reduce the hunter power, move too fast, hit too far, everyone wants to choose the hunter.Chicken hunter can win against survior but Chicken survior cannot win against hunter

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byMiss Dawn Smith April 28, 2019

Guts? You got need em!

Hey there! Identity V is a fun game that has some mild elements of horror and violence that are meant to bring the user into a new level of adrenaline and experience with the game, (mostly volume/sound based that can be adjusted if needed) however the game itself is NO where NEAR absolutely frightening! (Although some character design of the hunters may be a spooky) And almost of the “violence” is cartoonishly made. There is a lot of various characters and forms of money within the game that your child may want to spend real life money on to get, but the warnings for spending real $$ are clearly written. Yes, the player can chat with other online people but this sort of interaction is very limited.

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Ease of Play