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Maily: Your Kids' First Email

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age 5+

Now email is elementary.

This seems to be a great gateway to email for my six year old daughter. She is able to keep in touch with family members who live far away and email her friends. I LOVE that there are no ads or spam to worry about because it's not an actual email account. It's also wonderful that they have several tools with which the sender can create art so it's not just a text based medium. My daughter can also take photos with her ipad and include them in her email. I wish the app was available for phones as well so her ipad-less friends could have maily also. My one complaint is that if a parent uses their email address to create an account, that same parent is not able to receive email from the child (because the account is already connected to the child). I had to create a secondary email address to allow my daughter to email me. Not a huge problem but annoying none the less. I took a look at some of the other email platforms marketed towards children and this was the only one that didn't require the user to use a web browser to access the account. I was also turned off by all of the commercialism tied into the other email options. It was just too much. I also thought the other options were aimed at the tween/teen crowd. At six years old I still to filter most of the media to which my daughter is exposed. She doesn't need to take a quiz to find out if "her favorite boy is crushing on her." Ick. Over all this is an EXCELLENT product and I have recommended it to many of my daughter's friend's parents. I am grateful that this product has been so thoughtfully created and is FREE!