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Millionaire Live: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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Horrible game! It never understands the answers and if you say anything even during the title credits it will act as if you answered the question incorrectly! Seriously! Figure it out!
age 18+

Shameless Money Grab with Incorrect Trivia

They offer in-app purchases to get a leg up on the competition. Without them, you end up hemorrhaging coins/gems to keep up with the big spenders you're FORCED to compete against. On top of that, there are an absurd amount of ads. They seem to be getting paid ALL AROUND. The breaking point- the questions/answers are NOT always right. I ended up losing a fair amount of gems when I answered something CORRECTLY. I reached out to support, they "thanked" me for pointing out their error but REFUSED to refund the gems I spent to remain in the challenge and not lose my space in a competition. Now I'm staring to think they intentionally include incorrect trivia in order to scam players out of any progress to try to force them to spend EVEN MORE. The company who developed this app should be reported to the BBB, tbh. Do not download. Your kids might think Donatello painted the Mona Lisa.

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Too much consumerism