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I found out about this a week ago, and got it on my birthday 2 days back. In summary, you choose a kid to adopt (Karin or Klaus) about 6 years after the war and try to care for them as best you can. It goes over many topics such as racism (specifically to Germans), [email protected] [email protected], bullying, World War II, and probably a lot more that I haven't mentioned here. The worst part is it's not just a game; this was based off of people's experiences. If none of the things I've stated disturb you in any way please give it a go. A partial amount of the money (it's 3 dollars) goes to The Children Born of War Project, so getting it can make an impact on those kids who go through the same thing.

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How is this the first review

This game is a very educational but sad game that I’d recommend for people around my age. It teaches about children growing up just after the war and how hard it was for them. There is somewhat violent parts I guess but not gory or anything like that. (Btw there’s also S*xual assault and bullying hinted at in the game so if you can’t handle them I would recommend)

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